Check out these Amazing Wedding Venues in Venice

If it’s Venice where you set your heart, get inspired by these Amazing Wedding Venues in Venice, with an incredible value for money.

Unfortunately, rarity is not cost free, and getting married in Venice can be very costly, regardless of where in Venice you are going to set your SPECIAL DAY.

To simplify your search, I have selected a few Amazing Wedding Venues in Venice and nearby, with excellent value for money.

Read first my guide on how to searching for wedding venues in Italy on a Budget for a better understanding of the entire process.

If you go for a civil marriage in Venice, consider that you’ll be competing with thousands of other Italian and International couples striving to tie the knot there. Therefore make sure you book your venue at least one year ahead of the wedding date.

My Legal Guide to Planning a Wedding in Italy provides a detailed overview of all the legal requirements a foreign couple should meet to get married in Italy. It also outlines the required formal steps and documents needed for a wedding in Italy.

Amazing Budget Wedding Venues – not only in Venice

While a wedding in Venice is the greatest dream of most married couples to be, there are other locations in the region, where your wedding can be just as an unforgettable experience! Consider the downsides of getting married in Venice.

First thing first, many hotels in the city centre being historical palaces have a limited capacity of seats and movement. This restrictions may cause some discomfort to you and your guests on your wedding day.

Try to extend your search to wedding venues located outside Venice that are usually more spacious and comfortable, and can likewise offer incredibly charming landscape views.

Mirano, Venice Province

Relais del Veneto


Relais del Veneto Leon D’Oro lies in Mirano, Venice Province, at 30 minutes by train from Venice. The good news is that the railway station is within walking distance to this location. It has a 23-room capacity, well equipped with elegant outdoor and inner spaces, where you can comfortably hold your ceremony and wedding party.

Beautiful view of Treviso little hills



Parco Gambrinus restaurant is nestled in a fabulous park in San Polo di Piave, a village in Treviso Province, hugged by picturesque vineyards, away from the hustle and bustle of more tourist cities. The closest art-city to San Polo is Treviso, north of Venice. Treviso lies 40 km away from this restaurant. Bassano del Grappa is only 15 km away.

Bassano del Grappa is also a tourist attraction, mainly thanks to a world-famed alcoholic beverage produced here, a grape-based pomace brandy called Grappa. Ceremonies onsite are allowed.

This restaurant doesn’t provide accommodation but can accommodate guests in a B&B located nearby. Given that this area is not a very popular tourist destination, there are plenty of lodgings to accommodate guests in the surroundings.

Treviso, Italy

Hotel Relais


Villa Corner Della Regina is a sumptuous 16th-century villa, immersed in a fabulous park at only 10 minutes from Treviso airport. If you are dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding, this venue is right up your alley! although it’s not one of the cheapest venues in the region, it has a 37-room capacity and is only a 10-minute drive from Treviso airport.