Guide to Sardinia Beach Wedding Venues

Guide  to  Sardinia  Beach  Wedding  Venues

Planning your dream Sardinia wedding? Make it unforgettable & read Married in Italy’s Guide to Sardinia Beach Wedding Venues.

Finding the perfect Sardinia venue for your BIG DAY has never been so easy given that Sardinia houses some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which means it has some of the most incredible beach wedding venues! Make the best day of your life even better by holding your wedding ceremony on one of Sardinia’s stunning beaches.

If you need some help or inspiration planning your Sardinia beach wedding, MakeLoveinItaly has got you covered!  Sardinia is the ultimate wedding destination if you want to marry on a beautiful beach, with stunning sea views, and the ambient lull of the waves lapping the shore.

On this guide, we will cover the following topics:

  • Why you should get married on one of Sardinia’s stunning beaches
  • Potential issues when planning a summer wedding in Sardinia
  • The cost of a Sardinia beach wedding
  • Suggestions: 7 amazing and budget Sardinia beach wedding venues
Sardinia Beach Wedding, Guide to Sardinia Beach Wedding Venues

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Guide to  Sardinia  Beach  Wedding  Venues

1. Why Get Married on one of Sardinia’s beaches? 

La Pelosa Beach, Guide to Sardinia Beach Wedding Venues

La Pelosa Beach (Stintino – northwest tip of Sardinia), Anna_ledynak, Canva

If you’re reading this page, you may already be convinced by the charm and beauty of Sardinia. Perhaps you’re already planning your wedding there. We’d like now to highlight what exactly makes a Sardinia beach wedding so special!


Firstly, the incredible views in Sardinia transform any weddings into something else. Many people in North America and Northern Europe dream of a summer wedding, and the weather in Sardinia is benign enough to enable a perfect wedding on a beach in summer. Learn more about Sardinia’s weather on our guide


A wedding photoshoot in Sardinia will exceed your highest expectations, thanks to the wonderful sea sceneries you’ll be nestled in. Your wedding is just one day, but you’ll keep your wedding shots forever.


Secondly, getting married on a beach can actually be very beneficial when it comes to finding accommodation facilities for your guests. In Sardinia, beach wedding venues often have deals with nearby hotels for very special rates.


Moreover, in almost all seaside towns in Sardinia, there is usually plenty of accommodation availability. Ask for specific advice to your venue staff, they will be happy to help out.

Guide to  Sardinia  Beach  Wedding  Venues

2. Potential Issues when Planning a Summer Wedding in Sardinia

While a beach wedding in Sardinia may sound heavenly (and it is), there are a few potential downsides to take into account…

Santa Teresa di Gallura beach, Guide to Sardinia Beach Wedding Venues

Santa Teresa di Gallura resort, northeast coast of Sardinia, Eva Bocek©,

While a beach wedding in Sardinia may sound like paradise (and it is), there are a few potential downsides to take into account…

3. Sardinia’s Busy Summer Beaches

As beautiful as Sardinia’s beaches are, they get fast busy with tourists in summer.

This means that it can be tricky to find a spot that feels truly secluded and private. If you don’t mind having plenty of curious nearby (perhaps taking pictures and applauding you), then a beach wedding in summer in Sardinia will be completely fine. But if you want a private beach all to yourself, you may need to go elsewhere, or organize your beach wedding in the off-season (October – May).

It’s also a good idea to target clubs and private hotels that have their own private beaches, away from the general public. However, you may pay a little more.

Being Sardinia a tourist hotspot, if you plan to marry in the high season (June-August), make sure to book your venue at least one year ahead of your wedding date.

4. The cost of a Sardinia Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding Cost , Guide to Sardinia Beach Wedding Venues

In general, the cost of a beach wedding in Sardinia is a little more expensive than the average. This is due to two main reasons:

  • Exclusivity: beach weddings in Italy are not very common events as getting married in church or in town hall.


  • Typically, sea-food-dishes are served at a beach wedding reception, resulting in a higher menu cost per head.


  • If you go for a civil ceremony, get ready to pay extra permission fees to occupy a public beach. If the beach is private, other kinds of fees may apply, so ask for specifics to your wedding planner or venue staff.


With all that said, we don’t want to refrain you from choosing a Sardinia beach wedding.  Your wedding should be exactly as you want it.


Getting married on a beach can be an incredible experience – it’s just that it comes with a few obstacles that we want you to be aware of. One thing worth noting is that most Italian wedding businesses are open to price negotiation, so you may be able to negotiate a lower rate if you want to haggle.

5. Budget Sardinia Beach Wedding Venues  

Because beach weddings are a little more expensive, we have selected a bunch of budget beach wedding venues in Sardinia that are just as impressive.

We hope that a lower cost of a venue can partly compensate for the higher administrative costs. We hope this guide will put you on the right track. Check out our recommendation of beach wedding venues below:

Magic on the Beach (Costa Smeralda)

Located in Porto Rotondo (Costa Smeralda), Sassari Province, on the beautiful and exclusive Ira beach, this Magic on the Beach is in an enchanting location.

You can get married on the beach and enjoy an exquisite lunch or dinner for a very reasonable price. While this restaurant doesn’t provide accommodation facilities, there are plenty of hotels and accommodation options in the town of Porto Rotondo.

Hotel Corsaro Nero

Corsaro Nero is a restaurant-hotel located on the outstanding golden sand beach of Corsaro Nero, Cagliari Province. It’s the ideal setting if you want to tie the knot on one of Sardinia’s classic southern beaches, known for its extensive golden sandy dunes.

The staff will be delighted to take on various aspects of your wedding organization and to let you join their exquisite wedding courses. This hotel comes up with 6 rooms, but in the village, there are plenty of other options to accommodate your wedding guests.

Is Morus Relais (Pula)

This resort, located in the village of Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari Province (south of Sardinia), is nestled in 7-hectares of a natural park that stretches out to the coast.

The beaches are framed by Pula’s typical pine wood, giving the whole area its own distinctive character. There are several private beaches that you can use for your ceremony, and there are various accommodation solutions.

You’ll find two splendid front terraces overlooking the sea. Just imagine getting married to these views!

Lido Tamatee

Lido Tamatee is a restaurant, located on an extensive white sandy beach called La Cala Sinzias, in Castiadas village, Cagliari province. This venue has a picturesque look. There are no accommodation options for the wedding party at Lido Tamatee, but there are plenty of great options nearby.

Frontemare (Cagliari)

Frontemare is a fantastic location, on the beach of Poetto (Quartu S.Elena), Cagliari Province. It offers magical views of an imposing plateau, Sella del Diavolo, and Golfo Degli Angeli. The staff at Frontemare has great expertise in managing beach weddings and the venue offers multiple services to help you organize your wedding day with confidence!

Frontemare doesn’t offer rooms, but in the village nearby you can find plenty of options.

Hotel Raffael (Oristano)

Hotel Raffael is a 4-star hotel positioned on the west-south coast of Sardinia, in Oristano Province. It offers wedding ceremonies and boasts direct access to the closest beach.

The landscape in that part of the island is wild and rugged, which is partly the reason why it’s not reached by mass tourism, although it is a stunning stretch of Sardinia’s coast.

Hotel Raffael also has 30 rooms, which should be enough to accommodate a modest wedding party.

Chia Laguna Resort (Cagliari)

Despite not being among the cheapest venues, it is really worth mentioning Chia Laguna Resort. It is an enchanting location, set on one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Sardinia: Chia, Cagliari Province. The resort also boasts a substantial number of rooms to accommodate your guests.

Il Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Squalo

Il Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Squalo is set in the village of Pittulongu, Olbia Province, on the north-east coast of Sardinia, facing the stunning Tavolara island.

In this venue, it’s possible to marry at the restaurant seashore, enjoying breath-taking views of the landscape around. Civil ceremonies are also permitted.

This venue doesn’t provide accommodation, but the nearest village of Pittulongu and the closest bigger town of Olbia offer a variety of options.

Guide  to  Sardinia  Beach  Wedding  Venues

Other Beach Wedding Locations Tips

Other beaches civil ceremonies are allowed can be found in the Arbus municipality. Here you’ll find welcoming staff who will act as best as it can to handle your wedding paperwork.

This stretch of southwest coastline, known as Costa Verde, beyond boasting some outstanding beaches framed by a landscape of golden dunes and a crystalline sea, is also rich in archaeological sites.

Under the municipality of Arbus, the beaches of Portu Maga, Torre Dei Corsari, and Pistis are eligible for civil ceremonies.

For your convenience, you can book your reception in one of these closest high-class locations: Le Dune, Il Corsaro Nero, Ristorante Front e Mari, and Sabbie d’ Oro.

Costa Verde, Guide to Sardinia Beach Weddign Venues

Costa Verde (southwest coast of Sardinia), Giggietto, Canva

Sardinia's quarts sandy beach in Oristano Province

Sardinia’s quarts sandy beach (Mari Ermi), Canva, in Oristano Province

Other Sardinia’s beaches licenced for civil ceremonies 

The cove called Cala Luna in Golfo di Orosei (Orosei Gulf)

Capo Comino beach (Siniscola)

Saint Peter Island

The beaches in Saint Peter Island where a beach wedding is permitted are:

La Caletta beach in Carloforte

Spiaggia di Girin

Spiaggia di Punta Nera.

Spiaggia di Guidi.

Spiaggia Della Bobba.

Belvedere delle Colonne

For more details, reach out to every location’s municipality. They will be able to tell you what to do next.

Public authorities everywhere in Italy are working hard to simplify wedding procedures for foreigners eager to marry in Italy, but there are still various bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

Check out our legal guide to getting married in Italy to learn more details about the required civil steps and paperwork to submit for a wedding in Italy. On top of this guide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any questions/planning assistance.

Cala Luna Beach, Guide to Sardinia Beach Weddings

Cala Luna beach (Golfo di Orosei), Stefan Ember©,

La Caletta beach, Guide to Sardinia Beach Wedding

La Caletta beach, in Carloforte (San Pietro Island), mrmo81, Canva

Looking for more suggestions? Check out our guide on Wedding Venues in Italy!

Wedding Planning Guide

Looking for additional tips on how to best planning your Big Day in Italy?

Check out our:


Filled with precious advice on:

  • How to set a budget
  • Choose a region in Italy
  • Picking the best wedding date
  • How to plan your ceremony at best
  • Select a good-for-money venue
  • Tap budget-friendly food services

We hope this handful of budget beach weddings in Sardinia will help you choose the right venue and that you have a wonderful wedding in Italy.

Don’t hesitate to drop us an email to [email protected] or using this contact form. You can also use the comment fields below for any questions.

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