Your Guide to searching the Best Wedding Venue in Italy on a Budget

Your Guide to searching The Best Wedding Venues in Italy on a  Budget!

Searching for places to get married in Italy?  check our MakeLoveinItaly’s Guide to the Best Wedding Venues in Italy on a Budget, to finding amazing Italy wedding venues on a budget. Read more!

So, you’ve set your heart on a wedding in Italy. This is a great decision and we’re so excited for you. If approached in the right way, the organization of your Italian wedding needn’t be a stressful affair, and that’s where we come in!

Choosing the right venue is especially tricky if you are planning everything from abroad, so we would like to help you by offering our expert advice.

This is why we have created this mini-guide to the Best Wedding Venues in Italy on a Budget. If you search for more detailed information on this specific subject and other aspects of a wedding in Italy, read our Wedding Planning Guide. For our recommendation of best wedding venues in Italy on a budget, read Italy Wedding Venues.

Couples have to find the right venue, and this is the most challenging part of the wedding planning journey.

To speed up the process and make it smoother, we have listed some strategic actions to walk you through every phase of this exciting journey.

1. Start Well in Advance to look for a Wedding Venue in Italy 

Wedding venue in Italy Your Guide to searching the best wedding venue in Italy on a budget

Being able to communicate remotely in English is vital if you want to ensure you book the Best Wedding Venue for you. If there is too much confusion, you may end up with a wedding you don’t want, with crushing disappointments or making irreparable mistakes.

Typically, the websites of the most popular wedding destinations in Italy have at least an English version besides their Italian content. If you see this, you can be assured that the location is open and used to welcoming  English-speaking foreigners, at least.

2. Look for Internet Users’ Reviews about Best Wedding Venues in Italy on a budget

Once you’ve short-listed one or more of the Best Wedding Venues in Italy on a budget, you should start searching for other independent reviews and comments. TripAdvisor is unquestionably the most reliable source for this. Alternatively, search for target discussion groups on Facebook.

3. Look for the Best Wedding Venues in Italy on a budget that are open and used to Internationals parties 

International Wedding Party

Italy’s wedding industry is making giant steps forward to meet the increasing international demand of couples eager to tie the knot in our stunning country.

The most popular wedding venues are Tuscany, Lombardia, Liguria, and Campania.

In the past few years, Puglia has been recording significant growth in popularity – mostly thanks to lots of US couples that have chosen this region as their favorite Italian Destination Wedding.

Looking a little closer, international couples mostly only choose specific areas within the regions, outlined below:

  • Tuscany (mostly the provinces of Siena, Pisa, and Firenze )
  • Lombardia (mostly Como, Maggiore, and Garda Lake – less frequently Orta Lake in Piedmont and Franciacorta)
  • Liguria (Cinque Terre and Portofino)
  • Campania (Amalfi Coast, with Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano and Ravello in the lead);
  • Puglia (Salento Peninsula: Lecce, Ostuni, Otranto, and Santa Maria di Leuca, or Valle d’Itria like Alberobello).

However, every Italian region has its own unique features that are worth mentioning and considering in their own right: Veneto, Lazio, Sicily, and Sardinia are only a few examples.

These locations are often overlooked, despite having as much to offer to the Italian wedding tourism industry as the most popular destination weddings.

5. Inquire about the Wedding date

Booking the wedding date

As a first STEP, check with the venue if on the date you picked they are available. Note that in Italy, especially if you marry on weekends and in the peak season (May-June-July-August-September and October) it’s recommendable to book at least one year ahead.

6. Inquire About Your Italian Wedding Venue’s Capacity 

Wedding band in Italy

Proostoleh, Canva

Often Italian wedding venues include more than one reception area. Ask for details about the room(s) capacity and how the spaces are distributed. This detail is relevant as, depending on your wedding guests’ number, you may need to opt for a smaller or broader space.

The location should be also big enough to contain sound equipment – after all, you may desire to hire a music band or a DJ.

7. Check if the wedding venue is equipped with the necessary facilities to protect against bad weather 

Wedding facilities against bad weather in Italy

It’s very common for foreigners to assume that Italy’s weather is always warm and sunny regardless of the season. In reality, this is only partially true.

Even in summer, it can suddenly switch to light rain or a heavy rainstorm (although they don’t last long in summertime). In either case, don’t underestimate Italy’s fickle weather; make sure you choose a venue with both an internal and external area or one equipped with tents.

8. Ask for more details about cost and cancellation policy  

In Italy, you’re expected to make a pre-payment (deposit) at the time of booking your wedding venue. Given that a typical deposit is required in these circumstances, ask how much you should pay in advance and what kind of cancellation policy applies. Check also what the cancellation time limit is if you require a refund.

9. Ask for more details about time and extra charges 

  • Make sure that you don’t pay the catering company separately. In an effort to save on wedding costs, the catering service should be included in the services provided by the venue. This is as true of any wedding – not just an Italian wedding on a budget.


  • Make sure you don’t pay the venue rental on top of the catering fee and other services. An independent rental fee would profoundly affect your budget and it would be an unnecessary additional expense.


  • It’s better if you opt for an all-inclusive wedding package deal. It’s cheaper to pay an inclusive package of services than paying for independent services or ‘a la carte’.


  • In most cases, 4 or 5-star hotels have an event planning team that can take care of all the event phases, including the accommodation part, by keeping track of guest bookings and timing. This is the best deal for more budget-savvy international couples.


  • Check whether extra charges are due in case your wedding party should exceed the ending time agreed in the contract. You don’t want to be hit with any additional costs!


  • Pay attention to possible extra charges on additional services that might be not included in the final bill. These extra charges might cover some wedding reception services or ceremony set-up or the lighting system. Note that lighting charges may scale up if you marry in the evening.


  • Ask if bar facilities cost is included in the package or should be paid separately. Thanks to the fast wedding tourism growth in Italy, wedding suppliers have been in the habit of including the bar facilities fee in the most standard wedding packages.

10. Verify the Wedding Venue’s accessibility

The best wedding venues in Italy on a budget

If your wedding budget is rather tight, search for venues providing accommodation services for your guests. On the same note, the venue shouldn’t be too far or disconnected from the airport.

Most of the time, it’s very coincidental that you fall in love with a place located right beside an airport, or that has easy transport connections with it. In fact, most popular wedding venues in Italy are typically out of the way, in isolated and peaceful corners of the country.

Should you fall in love with a venue somehow out of the way, inform your guests long in advance so that they can arrange their own transport from the airport or nearby cities to the venue. If the wedding venue you’ve chosen offers a great service, the venue staff will be able to offer transport and accommodation suggestions.

11. Check that all the contract terms are in order

The best wedding venues in Italy on a budget

Make sure that each service and product verbally agreed is also down on paper in the contract once it comes time to sign.

It’s always highly recommended that you take the time to read carefully through every part of the agreement before signing. Policy cancellation terms should be clearly highlighted to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

We hope this short guide has helped you begin to plan your dream Italian wedding and find quickly your Best Wedding Venue in Italy on a budget.

If you have any questions or concerns or need more specific assistance, don’t hesitate to use this form to get in touch with us.


Happy searching!

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