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Giulia and Laurent on honeymoon in Brasil

We are absolutely excited about your decision to get married in Italy, congratulations! you couldn’t have made a better choice.

As mentioned several times throughout this site, this is a guide specifically designed to inspire married couples to be to pick the venue that best fits their tastes and budget, but also to inspire couples to choose their ideal honeymoon destination in Italy.

We are fully aware of how tough it might be to plan a wedding from abroad. That’s why backed by our sound expertise in the event planning industry and having in-depth knowledge of this fabulous country, you can absolutely rely on our assistance and independent advice on how to best planning your Dream Wedding in Italy.

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Giulia and Laurent


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Sei il titolare di una location per matrimoni? gestisci un servizio di catering? sei uno specialista in decorazioni floreali per cerimonie nuziali? sei un fotografo di matrimonio o un videografo? qualsiasi specializzazione tu abbia che possa servire a rendere il matrimonio di una coppia di stranieri in Italia indimenticabile, e vorresti aumentare la tua visibilita’, inviaci una semplice richiesta compilando l’apposito formulario a cui verrai diretto cliccando il pulsante qui sotto. Speriamo di averti presto fra noi!

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