Dream of a Fairy-Tale Wedding in Italy

If you dream of a fairy-tale wedding in Italy, check out our amazing selection of wedding venues in Italy. Italy swarms with tremendous wedding venues from north to south. Most International married couples-to-be tend to pick the conventional places and renown attractions for their special day. Starting from the northern Lakes, in first line, Garda and Como, to the classic top-romantic art-cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence. Tuscany keep being the top-ranking choice for most international couples, and further to the South, Amalfi Coast, the top coastal attraction.

No doubt these places are unquestionably attractive, but there are many other largely off the tourists radar sights that are equally worth to be considered.

In this guide you’ll get a selection of a handful of excellent-for-money wedding venues, that are just as beautiful.

Lombardia Wedding Venues

Dream of a Fairy-Tale Wedding in Italy

Most tourists tend to prefer fashionable wedding venues placed in exclusive areas such as MAGGIORE LAKE and COMO LAKEin Lombardia region.

After all these places have a special appeal. However, consider that another Lake in the same area, Orta, is by no means inferior to their money-blighted nearby lakes of Como and Garda.

Despite many Italians living in Milan ironically compare Orta lake to the fairy-tale character ”Cinderella” in relation to its neighbouring more exclusive lakeside villages such as Garda and Comothey fully acknowledge Orta Lake’s undeniable beauty, unlike many international tourists have never heard of this lake yet.