Finding the Perfect Italy Beach Wedding Venues

Get inspired by our venue selection to finding the Perfect Italy Beach Wedding Venues, where stunning sea views are guaranteed, so is the ambient lull of the waves lapping the shore.

A beach can turn your wedding day into a memorable fairy-tale.

However, objectively speaking, this perfect romantic movie may have some spots on top. There are indeed some downsides you should account for.

First and foremost, finding a private Beach Wedding in Italy where to tie the knot in total seclusion, especially if you marry in the peak season (June -August), is not that easy as one can guess. Especially in the summertime, Italy beaches get deluged with sunbathers who are most likely not to be keen to be kept aside. After all, they have the right to occupy public space.

So to increase your chances to find an intimate private beach, you should consider clubs and private hotels, or marry in the off-season (October-May), better if on a weekly day. During the off-season, fewer beach hotels and clubs are likely to stay open, but on the other end, beach wedding demand rate decreases and you may get better chances to find a suitable venue.

If you marry in the peak season (June-August), make sure to book your venue at least one year ahead of your wedding date.

With all that said, get ready to pay a higher fee for a Beach Wedding in Italy as a wedding on a beach is still regarded as an exclusive event in Italy. Beyond all that’s said above, count for adding up administrative costs for a beach rental to your wedding overall cost.

If you go for a civil ceremony or symbolic (Catholic ceremonies are only allowed in church), have a close look at the Best 14 Wedding Venues in Italy on a budget of excellent value for money.

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