11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia

11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia!

Don’t miss out on our selection of 11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia.


Masseria Muzza & SPA was in origin a Masseria transformed into an exclusive 5-star hotel in the picturesque town Otranto.

They design excursions to get visitors more familiar with the surrounding areas and give them cooking classes where participants can challenge their cooking skills.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for your Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia

Hotel Silva is a 3-star located in the heart of Alberobello (Valle d’Itria). The hotel is highly indicated for couples willing to discover regional traditions.

Alberobello is a small town in Bari province, southern Puglia, popular for the presence of dry stone white houses with a cubical roof referred to as Trulli. Trulli was added to the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites in 1996.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia

Masseria Salinola is positioned in the picturesque hilltop town of Ostuni, southern, Puglia. This estate dates to the sixteenth century and its immersed in a rural scenery of great charm, not far from the coast.

Perched in the Province of Brindisi, southern coast of Puglia, Ostuni is a cliff-top town best-known for its brilliant white painted buildings, today only partially white. Its charming look and the magnificent sea views from several viewpoints in town, make this place a top attraction in Italy to visit.

The white paint seems to be connected with an ancient tradition according to which the town buildings used to get washed with lime in order to contain plague spread.

This stretch of rugged coast is fringed by absolutely scenic white-sand beaches, cliffs, and coves.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for your Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia 

 Hotel Villa Elisabetta is a 4-star hotel designed in a classy decor (parquet floor and antique furnishing), positioned in a very strategic position close (only 15 km) to some towns of great charm and historic interest such as Lecce, Gallipoli, and Porto Cesareo, and withing a short drive distance from attractive beaches.

Lecce is also called the Florence of the South for the unbeatable charm that makes it an unrivaled attraction in southern Italy. Lecce lies in Salento, hence it’s said to be the ‘Salento’s Pearl’. It also ecloses a rich artistic and architectural heritage most of which dates back to the 17th Century.

Some of Lecce’s best highlights are Piazza Duomo, housing the Cathedral.

Gallipoli is a picturesque town in Lecce province (ancient trading port), greek in antiquity, set in the Southern and Western coast of Salento Peninsula. Its old center lies in a small island connected with the mainland through a 17th-century bridge. Gallipoli’s best features are its seafront promenade, its intricate network of narrow and steep streets (very typical from Salento’s towns), and its long shoreline of sandy beaches lined by a translucent sea.

Porto Cesareo is a town in Lecce province, popular for its ‘Caribbean’ looking beaches and transparent seawater and shallow seabed, which is ideal for children.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia

Gallipoli panormaic view - the 11 best Hotels for your timeless Honeymoon in Puglia

Panoramic view of Gallipoli

M&F Hotel is an exclusive 4-star hotel designed in a modern style and situated in Gallipoli, only 50 meters away from the beach and 900 meters in Puglia.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia

Front view of Molfetta village (Puglia)

Frontal capture of Molfetta village’s harbour 

MoMa Suite is an outstanding private house, composed of 5 suites, an outdoor swimming pool, a private beach, and a SPA. It’s located in the old town of Molfetta, a very interesting town, on the Adriatic sea coast, at only 25Km’s away from Bari. This Hotel gathers altogether elegance and practicality.

Molfetta is a fishing village at 20 Km north of Bari, with a few rewarding historical landmarks and a defensive wall.

Bari is a port city and the capital city of the Puglia region. The city, facing the Adriatic Sea, extends from the city of Molfetta (north) to the city of Monopoli (south). Bari boasts an extremely rich historical and artistic heritage whose most distinctive landmark is the Cathedral (Saint Nicholas), which for centuries has been a pilgrimage site, and it still preserves some remains of the Saint.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia

If you are planning a timeless honeymoon in Puglia, you cannot miss out on Palazzo Massari, a guest house located in an ancient building in the old Baroque town of Lecce. Its rooms are spacious, equipped with every essential facility, and a terrace overlooking the city from different perspectives.

This Guest House serves as a perfect base for city-sightseeing tours in the splendid city of Lecce, and it’s the ideal spot to combine sunbathing time with some cultural tours.

Besides that, the excellent position of this house allows reaching quickly some of the most compelling city attractions: Basilica di Santa Croce, Torre del Parco, and Teatro Apollo.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia

Terra Sessana is a complex of 4 superb guest houses located a few km away from Ostuni and its fabulous beaches. Every house owns its own pool and private garden with stunning views of the secular olive trees on the surrounding valleys.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia 

Designed in a classy decor, Kelina Charme Hotel is a 4-star hotel set in the heart of Cellino San Marco, a delightful town in Salento Peninsula. Besides the Hotel’s facilities, you can choose from a vast selection of Nature and Adventure Tours, but also joining cooking classes and wine tasting tours.

Visit their website for more details.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia

Peshici village in Puglia Amazing things to do in Italy in nature

Peschici promontory in Puglia

Hotel Peschici is a family-friendly hotel positioned in the beautiful cliff-top town of Peschici (Gargano Promontory). The hotel rooms are connected with panoramic balconies.

The town overlooks a long line of sandy beaches beneath, which makes this place a popular destination for tourists from around the world.

Either way whatever place you choose to honeymoon at, if you plan your dream honeymoon in Puglia, you cannot miss this beautiful resort.


11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia 

This Hotel Seggio is a 3-star hotel set in the heart of Vieste (Gargano Promontory). It’s equipped with a private beach and a swimming pool. All the best attractions of Vieste are within a short distance which is what makes this place incredibly special, on top of its great look and comfortable amenities.

I hope that these hotels that I simply define as The 11 Top Luxury Hotels for a Timeless Honeymoon in Puglia have persuaded you that Puglia is a TOP destination for just married couples wanting to spend their newly married life together.

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