Enjoy a day-trip in the top romantic town of Praiano

Enjoy a day-trip in the top romantic town of Praiano

Praiano beaches

If you are spending a romantic holiday with your partner on the Amalfi coast, enjoy a day-trip in the top romantic town of Praiano.

Praiano is a lovely fishing village set between Positano and Conca dei Marini, that is believed to offer the most romantic setting along the whole coast of Amalfi for one main reason that is called: Cala della Gavitella.

Beside overlooking in sight a set of best jewelleries-like highlights such as Capri island, Li Galli archipelago and Punta Campanella, this little lovely fishing village boasts the presence of a bay called Cala della Gavitella, that is believed to be the top romantic attraction on the entire coast thanks to its magical sunsets that look never-ending.

Cala della Gavitella is reachable on foot through a short pathway starting at San Gennaro restaurant.

Once you are there, why not prolonging your stay in Praiano for a romantic dinner at dusk hours at the excellent Gavitella restaurant? this restaurant also provides a shuttle service from / to Positano and Marina di Praia.

This magical bay, facing Capri and Positano, represents a heavenly spot for couples in love wishing to spend some time in total relaxation off the most popular tourist tracks, especially at sunset hours.

Praiano indeed is known for being a pretty quieter and secluded spot than Positano and other major popular tourist sites on the coast.

3 miles ahead you can reach another well renown beach in Praiano, Marina di Praia. Despite being pretty small, it well worth a few-hours stop.  This beach is also well indicated for families. Very close to this beach there are a couple of restaurants and a few accommodation facilities, as well as the sign marking a connection from this beach to the Path of the God.

Find HERE more details about this unmissable itinerary.

Marina di Praia beach in Praiano enjoy a day-trip in the top romantic town of Praiano

In photo: Marina di Praia beach

La Gavitella beach club in Praiano -trip in the top romantic town of Praiano

In photo: La Gavitella restaurant beach club in Praiano at sunset hours with view over Capri, Positano and Li Galli Islets. https://www.lagavitella.it/

A awesome idea to spend your day on the Amalfi coast

How to get to the Emerald Grotto

If you are not too tired from a day on the beach, switch to a different itinerary and wander a bit in Praiano. Although the town is rather small it still offers a few valuable historical churches perched high above the sea that are worth visiting such as:

San Gennaro church:

This church was owned by a noble family from Amalfi named after Corsario. It dates back to 1200 and the family owned it until 1572.  In 1589 the church was rebuilt. The major feature of this church is its bell tower and a dome covered by lively coloured majolica tiles.

Santa Maria a Castro church:

Along the slopes of Sant’Angelo mount, perched 364 meters high above the sea, the church of Santa Maria a Castro stands out surrounded by a a wild nature landscape and it’s annexed to San Domenico Coventry from where it’s possible enjoying outstanding views of the beaches and of this stretch of coast below and around.

San Luca Evangelista church:

This church was re-built in 1588 from a former existing foundation dating back to 1123. It’s built in a refined baroque style and dedicated to the Patron of Praiano. The church was renovated in 1772.

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In photo: San Giovanni Evangelista church

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