A day-trip on the Amalfi coast you should never miss

A day-trip on the Amalfi coast your should never miss

The Path of the Gods

Kick off your exciting tour in Amalfi with this day-trip on the Amalfi coast you should never miss, that will offer you unparalleled views over the rugged Amalfi Coast: the well-known ”The Path of the Gods”. This 3-hour walking trail is best recommended when temperatures have not yet reached the highest heat peaks. Indeed, especially in July and August it can be uncomfortably hot. So remember to bring enough water with you.

View of The Path of the Gods A day-trip on the Amalfi coast you shouldn't miss

The Path of the Gods – Gilbert Bochenek CC BY-SA (httpscreativecommons.orglicensesby-sa3.0)

A day-trip on the Amalfi coast you should never miss

The itinerary in detail

If you accommodate in Amalfi, you can easily catch a bus from there to reach the mountaintop of Bomerano (634m), ask the driver for the stop in Bomerano. From there you can start your exciting 6-km trail to the lovely village of Nocelle (440m) with impressive views over Positano. Along the whole path you won’t be missing breath-taking views of the rugged Amalfi coastline beside terraced slopes and the islands in the distance. Once in Nocelle, you can decide whether catching a bus back to Bomerano or getting down to Positano through 1700 steps.

A day-trip on the Amalfi coast you should never miss

Sunbathing in Positano

Main beach in Positano (Amalfi coast)

In photo: Spiaggia Grande

Once you get so close to Positano, it would be a real pity to catch a bus back in Nocelle down to the main road. Just get down these 1700 steps to the main beach, Spiaggia Grande, set right in front of the village.

Positano is one of the main and least cheap tourist attractions on this coastal area. Mainly famous for its outstanding location featured by a pyramid of multiple brightly coloured houses and shops perched high above the beaches that look nestled in between. Positano charm has inspired lots of national and international movies, as well as postcards and magazines and would make every tourist’s head spin.

As already mentioned, Spiaggia Grande is the main beach of Positano, mostly attended by locals and VIP’s. It hosts two bathing establishments and a free beach. At the free beach you can embark at the boarding point to several excursions and / or catch a shuttle-bus that will drive you to other enchanting coves scattered along the coast.

Less congested with tourists and renowned for being very family-friendly is another beach in Positano, called Fornillo beach. Fornillo is reachable via a 10-minute trail starting from the little harbour of Positano. It’s a pretty roomy beach made of sand mixed to pebble.

A day-trip on the Amalfi coast you should never miss

Wander Positano

positano streets A day-trip on the Amalfi coast you shouldn’t miss

If you have still enough energy, don’t skip a walk into the quaint old centre of Positano at evening hours.

The main highlight of Positano is nothing less than its stunning location. Its quaint old centre is a jewel of unparalleled beauty crossed by lovely narrow streets,  lively boutiques, most of which have long specialized in clothes made from linen, cotton and georgette, as well as handmade shoes and sandals. You cannot miss out on its splendid cathedral, ending your special day with an unbeatable dinner of unfalteringly good seafood at Chew Black set right across from Positano’s main beach Spiaggia Grande.

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