Five exciting ideas for a day-trip in Sorrento

Five exciting ideas for a day-trip in Sorrento

Get inspired by these five exciting ideas for a day-trip in Sorrento. Whether you are planning your honeymoon or a romantic trip in Italy with your partner around the stunning Amalfi Coast, this guide will be of great inspiration to you.

Sorrento is a picturesque cliff-top town set on the southern edge of its peninsula, 25km south of Pompei. Sorrento faces the Naples bay, and has been a very popular tourist destination since XIX century. It can be likewise defined as a resort attracting tons of tourists from around the world.

Sorrento attractiveness also lies in its strategic position. Indeed it’s a perfect gateway to other interesting sites along the coast such as Amalfi and Positano, besides the ancient site of Pompei (around 50 minutes by car) and Naples from which is only 20km away by car.

Five exciting ideas for a day-trip in Sorrento

Piazza Tasso

Frontal capture of Tasso square in Sorrento

In photo: Frontal capture of Tasso Square – Berthold Werner CC BY-SA (httpscreativecommons.orglicensesby-sa3.0)

The first recommended stop is at Sorrento’s main square, named after ”Piazza Tasso”. This square is set in the quaint old centre reachable through a grid of lovely and picturesque tiny streets chock full with souvenir shops and restaurants.

Tasso Square is well worth to be mentioned for two main reasons: it’s surrounded by many coffee bars and offers scenic view terraces where to drink an expresso by day, or enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail on later hours is a MUST-HAVE experience.

This square was built on top of a small gorge that up until XX century used to host a water mill to grind wheat and other kinds of businesses that were essential to the locals survival. Today only the ruins of an ancient mill have left. These can be admired from the top after a-few meters walk from Tasso Square up to another street called ”Viale Enrico Caruso”.

Five exciting ideas for a day-trip in Sorrento

The valley of the mills

Mill valley seen from above in Sorrento

The valley of mills, beneath Tasso square.

Mentnafunangann CC BY-SA (httpscreativecommons.orglicensesby-sa3.0)

Five exciting ideas for a day-trip in Sorrento

The church of Saint Francis

Image module

In photo: Saint Francis clauster closed to the Villa Comunale

From Tasso square another sight that is well wort a stop is the ”Villa Comunale” mainly thanks to the fabulous views this location ensures from its terrace to sea, looming Mount Vesuvius in the distance. Only a few meters outside of the villa, standing on its park lies Saint Francis church, with its most charming point of attraction: the shady XIX century cloister: an angle of rest from the bustle of Sorrento.

From the Villa, that I recommend you for a short visit, you can either take a lift or steps to the fishing village of Sorrento beneath, and reach from there a few tiny beaches one of which is free, called ”Marina di San Francesco”.

Walking down Corso Italia on the left, that is the busiest street in Sorrento and gets crowded during evening hours mostly, you can reach Sorrento’s Cathedral finely built and rebuilt throughout different ages.

Sorrento’s beaches

Marina Grande beach in Sorrento

In photo: Marina Grande beach – httpsupload.wikimedia.orgwikipediacommons22

Sorrento town doesn’t boast a huge number of beaches and the few existing ones are normally crowded and more similar to small strips of pebble or sandy beaches.

As already said above, you can reach a few strips of sand called ”Marina di San Francesco” from Villa Comunale, either by lift or steps. In alternative you can sunbathing at the beach of Sorrento’s fishing harbour called ”Marina Grande”, reachable on foot from San Nicola street (15 minutes) or by a short bus ride from Piazza Tasso.

This beach is home to exquisite seafood restaurants and well equipped for sunbathers. Not far from there, you can reach another private beach called ”Marina Piccola”.

If you dislike crowdy spots, you should get out of the centre heading for more secluded beach places. At these places you are most likely to stumble with that typically crystalline sea that you have probably daydreamed of before getting to Sorrento.

One of them is a rocky seashore lying around some Roman Villa ruins.

To reach this seashore you have to walk along via del Capo (an extension of Corso Italia) up to a short trail leading to these ruins. In alternative, you can catch a bust at Tasso square and get there in 20 minutes.

A valid beach option is Marina di Puolo. Although it’s much better accessible by car, it’s a medium-sized pebble and sandy beach (the public part is pebble and the private one is sandy).

This beach is particularly beloved by locals and displays a rather crystal-clear water. The private beach area is well equipped with all facilities for sunbathers, and with a restaurant.

Image module

In photo: Marina piccola beach  

Looking for more inspiration about romantic day-trips to take around the Amalfi coast?


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