Our best advice on what to do in Amalfi: a day trip you will never forget

What to do in Amalfi coast

What to do in Amalfi coast: our best advice to enjoy Amalfi’s unparalleled townscape by wandering its whitewashed old centre in the morning; and go visiting its attractive twin town (Atrani) in the afternoon.

Some Amalfi historical highlights

View of Amalfi from beneath what to di in Amalfi coast

Kim Traynor / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

Amalfi is an incredibly picturesque cliff-top town looking breath-taking views over the sea from its multiple seafront panoramic spots. Besides, it’s the oldest Italian maritime republic, the largest town of the coast and possibly the best-known highlight along the coast. A pearl-like beautiful town that stands out for its whitewashed courtyards and alleys that make this sight a unique place to visit.

Amalfi was already known to the British upper class since Edward’s king age (1901-1910). Wealthy British inhabitants chose it as their preferential holiday destination. Thanks to this, Amalfi has become over time an internationally well-known seaside resort.

In Amalfi you can still come across some ancient roman ruins, the most relevant is a nymphaeum dating back to the reign of Emperor Tiberius.

However, once in Amalfi you can best wander the dense grid of little white houses that you can reach through steep steps and narrow streets. Every few meters expect to run into some viewpoints opening to an incredibly beautiful scenery.

The best landmarks to visit in Amalfi are:


The Duomo

The Arsenale

The paper museum

What to do in Amalfi coast

The Duomo

Image module

In photo: the Duomo of Amalfi

The main Amalfi square (Duomo square) is placed at the top of a long steep stairway. On this square one can admire the imposing cathedral featured by a gaudy façade, bronze doors dating from Constantinople Empire (1066) and a bell tower made of elegant majolica.

The interior features a mixture of Romanesque and Saracen styled elements.

What makes this church even more special is the presence of a beautiful cloister (Paradise Cloister) embellished with white arch and palms in classic Arabic style.

Inside an adjacent bare Basilica stands a museum dating from sixth century. The museum preserves several medieval and episcopal treasures.

Some steps inside the museum leads to an inner heavily decorated crypt where the shrines of St. Andrew are believed to be preserved.

What to do in Amalfi coast

The Arsenal

Beyond Duomo Square, lie the ancient remains of the Arsenal where the war ships used to be built when the maritime republic was still in place. The Arsenal houses a museum where pieces reminding the former marine might of Amalfi and other emblems of the city past are preserved.

The Paper Museum

A fifteen-minute walk from the Duomo square, one comes across another historical highlight of Amalfi, the paper museum. Amalfi boasts an ancient and well-rooted hand-crafted paper tradition. Beyond the museum lies a valley where only one paper mill is left out of 5. This miss is icon of a deeply-rooted ancient paper industry. This valley is called ‘ancient Paper Mill Valley and represents a major point of attraction for tourists.

What to do in Amalfi coast


At a very short walk from Amalfi one can reach Atrani. The fastest path is through a pedestrian tunnel connecting these two sights. So Atrani can be considered to all effects an extension of Amalfi.

Atrani townscape looks very similar to Amalfi’s. It’s a cliff-top medieval town as well, home to a grid of little whitewashed houses, steeps stairways and tiny streets.

The three major landmarks in Atrani are:

Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maddalena (mainly strategic for offering attractive view points of the sea);

The 11th century Church of Santa Maria del Bando, nestled between the rocks;

Piazza Umberto that is the main square leading to a small sandy beach.

Atrani beaches

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Duoglio beach in Amalfi coast –

Photo credit: Enzo Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/targato-na/3759865826/in/photostream/

If you are not too tired from your day tours, don’t miss a relaxing and refreshing sunbathing afternoon at one of the beaches set in and around Atrani and Amalfi.

One of the most beautiful pebbly beaches at only 1-km from Amalfi is Duoglio beach. This beach is rather big compared to the average size of other beaches set on this stretch of coast, and can be reached through 400 steps down from Amalfi. It houses a private beach and two free beaches.


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