How to best plan your pilgrimage to Saint Francis of Assisi Basilica

How to best plan your pilgrimage to Saint Francis of Assisi Basilica (guide to the best planners)

Saint Francis Basilica and Francis way

Here you can find our recommendations on how to best plan your pilgrimage to Saint Francis of Assisi Basilica.  

The heart of Christianity in Italy also lies in Saint Francis’s life. Francis was a renowned XII-century venerated catholic-friar, nowadays still commemorated on various religious tours and pilgrimages across the so-known Via Francigena (St. Francis way).

The second pilgrimage destination after Rome is Assisi, the town where the world-famous St Francis lived, and where an impressive XVIII’s Gothic Basilica dedicated to the Saint stands on the slopes of Mount Subasio.

Assisi is located in Umbria region, central Italy; besides being a true example of beauty, the Basilica is hugged by a scenic hilly landscape that is a joy to look at from its fortified walls. The Basilica embeds two churches and a crypt still preserving the shrines of the Saint.

The Church was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000.

Via Francigena is an ancient road that pilgrims from ancients times have been walking to reach Rome. This pilgrim’s road extending over 1000 km can be walked via numerous trails and across 4 countries: England, France, Switzerland, and Italy, up to the final destination: Rome.

Via Francigena crosses three regions: Lazio, Tuscany, and Umbria. This road is scattered with hills where one can find ancient remains dating back to three different ages: Etruscan, Christian, and Roman.

Not only ancient remains but also abbeys and hermitages, hill towns and medieval villages find their home along this way. The landscape is mostly covered by vast expanse of vineyards and olive groves, which are a welcoming setting to for local wine and food tasting moments

Rainbow view in Assisi (Italy) How to best plan your pilgrimage to Saint Francis of Assisi Basilica

View of Assisi on the background

Via Francigena or Saint Francis Way in Siena (Tuscany) How to best plan your pilgrimage to Saint Francis of Assisi Basilica (guide to the best planners

Via Francigena or Saint Francis Way in Siena

How to best plan your pilgrimage to Saint Francis of Assisi Basilica (guide to the best planners)

Inspiring Resources for planning self-guided and guided pilgrimages in Assisi

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Marker of Via Francigena between Yverdon and Orbe (Switzerland)

Paulusburg [CC BY-SA (]

206Tours is a travel company specialising in the organization of catholic pilgrimages and tours across the world.

Walking the Way of St. Francis in Italy is a 13-day pilgrimage including 13 stages across three regions in central Italy: Lazio, Tuscany, and Umbria. This itinerary features one of the optional ‘vie Francigene’, o vie di San Francesco, where allegedly some Francis’s life events of great significance occurred and are still commemorated.


Navas is a travel company specializing in Italy pilgrimages including Assisi. They can also customize itineraries tailored to pilgrims’ desire. For detailed information and quotes, contact Nawa directly. is a vastly informative website created by a community of enthusiast walkers of Vie Francigena where you can find useful and detailed information on a vast range of walking and cycling trails to Assisi.

You will also get practical guidelines for organizing your pilgrimage at your own pace by counting on a handful of accommodation options, walks, and trails suitable for all expertise levels.

Follow their Facebook Page for getting regular updates about the community pilgrimages.




Cycling enthusiasts can follow the footsteps of Saint Francis via Umbriabike.EU, a travel company specializing in multiple guided and self-guided cycling tours in Umbria.

Among others, their programs also include a bike tour along Via Francigena. They offer two separate self-guided tour packages with accommodation facilities and breakfast servicesat reasonably priced. The former follows the  ‘Northern Path, the latter the ‘Southern Path. is the official website of the Tuscany region collecting lots of useful information on the Vie Francigena ways. is the official website of Umbria region gathering lots of relevant information such as things to do, highlights and places to visit. Moreover you can get practical instructions on how to travel to Umbria and across the region.


Accommodation info – Guesthouses


This site’s page showcases a directory of 22 religious guesthouses you can straightforward reach to check availability.


Via Francigena Orientation Guidelines


This site’s page explains how to read the Vie Francigene trail markers.

A PDF containing all track signs, itineraries and stages is also available for download here.


Pilgrimage Preparation Guidelines


This site’s page encloses a list of practical indications to get you start on the right foot while planning your journey along the Vie Francigene.


APP Percorsi di Terre di Mezzo


This free app called Percorsi di Terre di Mezzo, allows pilgrims to install a digital guide. This app provides a number of geo-localization, accommodation facilities and information services, direct contacts, and booking links, including a map, a route description, distance, stop indication, and tips about lodgings.


Pilgrims Walks


The was funded and it is run by a couple specializing in the organization of self-guided walking holidays. Several services are provided, like accommodation, luggage transportation, maps, route notes, and occasional guided holiday.


Vie Francigene is the European association of Vie Francigene, providing overall information services and practical resources to walk the Francis routes in the way that best suits you.

In particular, this site’s page contains lots of practical indications and downloadable navigation tools, as well as useful links to associations and tour companies involved in the organisation of self-guided or guided tour along the Vie Francigene.


Francigenaways is a tour operator organizing several walking and cycling tours across the world. They also organize walking and cycling trails along the Vie Francigene. is a travel company specializing in guided and self-guided walking tours along the Vie Francigene. They can also customize your itinerary according to your tastes.


Utrack is a travel company specializing in guided and self-guided walks and bike ride along different tracks of Vie Francigene. You can choose from an extensive range of  itineraries on their site.

Find below some useful contacts of local offices to consult about Pilgrimages and Religious Tours in Assisi

Associated Touristic Service of Assisi
Tel +39 075 812450 / Fax: +39 075 813727
E-mail: [email protected]


Basilica of Assisi
For Information: + 39 075/8190084

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