Awesome Ideas for your pilgrimages to Italy (Rome)

Awesome Ideas for your Pilgrimages to Italy (Rome)

Some Historical Highlights 

Read through this post for some awesome ideas for your Pilgrimages to Italy (Rome). A pilgrimage is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience for every just-married couple or married couple to be.

Italy’s historical heritage cannot be disconnected from its Christian-Catholic roots, tangibly manifest through the hundreds of faith-based tours and religious sights spread across the whole country.

A pilgrimage to Italy can be a great life-changing process in everyone’s personal sphere and a journey of spiritual growth. Likewise pilgrimage experiences are also a way of enjoying suggestive views of Italy’s landscaped treasures.

A pilgrimage largely differs from touring. Tours are purely focused on highlighting the historic knowledge of a place, while a pilgrimage intends to grow everyone’s faith in God by letting pilgrims revisit sights where Jesus Christ and his followers left their indelible footprints.

Especially during Holy Week, Italy’s regions get busy with hundreds of events meant to commemorate the most significant moments of Christ’s life. namely the last supper, the washing of disciples’ feet, Jesus condemnation to death and His ascent to Calvary where He died.

His Calvary and death get commemorated on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, known as the Good Friday. On Easter Sunday Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection. During that week Italy turns into an ‘explosion’ of local feasts and folk processions devoted to commemorate Christ’s death and celebrate His resurrection.

Despite each religious feast and procession’s peculiar features, Via Crucis (also known as Via Dolorosa or Way of grief or Stations of the Cross) and Whit Monday or Pentecost are known for being the most popular recurrences.

The former intends to commemorate Christs’ Passion, culminating with His crucifixion and death on Golgotha.

The latter recurs 50 days after Easter and commemorates the descent of Jesus from heaven to earth, to bless his disciples and effuse the Holy Spirit.

Christian procession in Italy Awesome Ideas for your Pilgrimages to Italy (Rome)

Sunday Palm procession in Livorno

Awesome Ideas for your Pilgrimages to Italy (Rome) 
Take a self-guided pilgrimage in Rome 

As everyone knows, Rome is where Christian-catholic tradition finds its roots.

Below you can find some of our recommendations about faith-travel companies, and associations you can refer to for getting your pilgrimage in Rome planned, beginning from a couple of tips for self-guided pilgrimages in Rome.

Sanctuary of the Three Fountains in Rome.

This place is called ”3 fountains” in relation to Saint Paul’s head that allegedly after being cut off, bounced there off three times. This site is also connected to a Vergin Mary’s appearance occurred in May 1913. Allegedly the Vergin Mary appeared to a former soldier and his 3 kids. The soldier until then was known for his openly rebellious attitude to the Catholic church.

Since then this place has turned into a prayer site, mainly renowned and attended by Romans. Some years ago the Roman Catholic Church officially recognized this presumed appearance as a miracle, resulting in the building of a worship Chapel dedicated to the Mother of God and still in place.

Civitavecchia Vergin Mary Statue.

This statue portraying the Vergin Mary, was placed in the garden of a family living in Civitavecchia (a seaside town about a one-hour drive from Rome).

From 13th of February until the 15th of March the little statue was seen crying out tears of blood, on the eyewitness testimony of the owners and of many other pedestrians passing by. At a later date, the statue was moved to a parish in Civitavecchia where it is currently located. The authenticity of testimonials is currently being checked and debated by the Roman Catholic Church.

Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Love

It’s a Roman Catholic shrine particularly worshipped by romans catholic, located in the roman district of Ardeatina, outside of Rome, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It’s an impressive and inspiring site where anyone visiting can find some spiritual restore and praying in deep silence. The Sanctuary hosts a modern and an old church, as well as a small restaurant and suggestive paths for panoramic walks.

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Sanctuary of the Three Fountains in Rome

Awesome Ideas for your Pilgrimages to Italy (Rome) 

Other Inspiring Resources for planning self-guided and guided pilgrimages in Rome

Ancient Appia road Awesome Ideas for your Pilgrimages to Italy (Rome)

Ancient Appia Road, an historical pilgrims road


It’s a Pilgrims community with the mission of welcoming pilgrims who have walked a minimal distance of 100 Km by foot or 200 Km by bike. Pilgrims can accommodate for 2 consecutive nights at most.

Merely parish groups led by a priest or scouting groups are welcome. Guided tour groups are not admitted. Better to drop them an email to check their availability: [email protected]


Istituti Religiosi is a portal embedding more than 800 religious guesthouses (religious institutes, shelters, holiday homes, monasteries, and convents), devoted to welcoming pilgrims from all over the world. The portal leaders are also committed to the organization of tours with a religious background.


Ospitalita’ Religiosa is a portal embedding a wide range of religious and laic institutes for pilgrims (convents, monasteries, hermitages, sanctuaries, hospitality houses, institutions, and religious Houses, guesthouses, parish houses, holiday homes, hotels, campgrounds, farmhouses, hostels, alpine houses, B&B, scout houses, student, land for tents). is a tour company specializing in the organization of catholic pilgrimages and protestant tours worldwide. is a not-for-profit guided tour company organising catholic guided tours and pilgrimages in Rome.


206TOURS.COM is a faith-based travel company specializing in catholic pilgrimages and tours across the world.


Take Pilgrimage is a travel company founded and run by a couple of Americans catholic committed to organizing catholic pilgrimages in Italy and Rome.


Globus Faith is an Italy faith-based-travel company organizing Christian-catholic tours across the world including Italy and Rome. is a directory where you can book all different kinds of services ranging from accommodation, transport, cultural events and guided tours (including religious).


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