Is it safe to travel to Italy now? the latest updates

Is it safe to travel to Italy now? the latest updates

Containment measures

Before answering the question ”is it safe to travel to Italy now?”, it’s imperative to know whether you are traveling from or transiting through a country from where it is allowed to travel to Italy. Overall traveling to Italy is safe now as a consequence of a significant decrease recorded in covid-19 infections rate over the last few months. Such significant improvement lead to easing some former drastic freedom restrictions. If you want to dig more in-depth into this issue, read about the chances of a wedding during COVID-19.

Italy is now overall a safe country, also thanks to a reasonable set of safety measures still in place so as to contain the virus spread and prevent people from getting infected.

The main measures to adopt don’t different so much from any other countries:


keeping at least a-1 meter social distancing

wearing masks in enclosed public places and public transport (including airport and in plane)

Public gathering events are forbidden

Private gathering events are allowed up to a limited number of participants. Between brackets, don’t think that you are not allowed to seat at a restaurant without wearing a mask all the time. You are, but are requested to wear it on your way to your eating table and while going to the restroom.

Celebrating mass is allowed in compliance with the first two rules mentioned on this list.


And free playing for children is still allowed thankfully

Children playing on a square in Rome Is it safe to travel to Italy now? the latest updares

In photo: some kids freely playing with soap bubbles at Pincio terrace (Rome)

Is it safe to travel to Italy now? the latest updates

Travel bans

An now the core question is: is it allowed to travel to Italy? which countries are allowed to travel to Italy?

Unfortunately up to now only people traveling from EU countries (regardless of their passport), and some extra EU countries, most of which are belonging to the Schengen zone, are allowed to travel to Italy for any reasons without obligation of quarantine upon arrival:

The list of no-EU countries allowed to travel to Italy are:






San Marino



the United Kingdom

The countries outlined on the list below are those considered safe enough to be allowed to traveling to Italy, for any reasons, although they have to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival:







New Zealand





South Korea

Is it safe to travel to Italy now?

No-admitted countries - are there exemptions?

An Italian airport

Countries that are not falling in the two lists above can still travel to Italy, but only under essential / urgent reasons that you can find fully listed on this official extract at page 10 (Annex III). And once in Italy they have to self-isolate for 14 days.

Is it safe to travel to Italy now?

The effects of the latest emergency decree

Within the first week of August, the Italy Prime Minister has issued a new emergency decree that confirms the travel restrictions rules formerly adopted for all of the countries mentioned above (except for Algeria that can now freely enter under obligation of self-isolating for 14 days upon arrival)

On top of that, the Italian Government has established a quarantine for everyone traveling from two EU countries: Bulgaria and Romania.  The latest measures will be kept into force up until on 10 August at least.

All these news are up to date until 07/08/2020. Given that containment measures and travel rules get revised every other week, we warmly advice to check Italy’s official sources as well as the sources of the country you are travelling from:


Italian Foreign Ministry’s website (in English)

The UK government foreign-travel advice in Italy 

Government of Italy – Official Coronavirus Updates

Spain – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Government of France – Official Coronavirus Updates

IE Ireland Official Travel Advice

UK  UK Official Travel Advice



state.giv – USA Official Travel Advice – Canada Official Travel Advice – Australia Official Travel Advice

Just married couple kissing in Rome Is it safe to travel to Italy now?

Photo credit: Gerado Gazia, Gazia_weddingphotography

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