The chances of getting married in Italy under COVID-19

The  chances  of  getting  married  in  Italy  under  COVID-19

Up until the 3rd of June 2020, the chances of getting married in Italy under COVID-19 had dwindled to 0 as a consequence of the outbreak rapidly spreading across the entire globe, beginning in February 2020. In other words, getting married in Italy had been banned until then.

The extraordinary news is that Italy on the 3rd of June 2020 reopened up its borders to all Schengen zone countries, including Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco.

Moreover a lot of containment measures in Italy are being rapidly eased as a consequence of a sudden decrease in the outbreak spread, according to the official sources.

Gathering and social events have been readmitted 

In general, since the third of June restaurants, shops, and venues dedicated to hosting corporate and social events, just like museums, theatres, churches, hotels, pubs, beaches as well as weddings, and other ceremony locations, were allowed to re-open.

On the other hand, venue owners have been forced to comply with some safety and security measures among which having guests wear masks and keep at least a-1 meter social distancing. You should also take into account some restrictions about the maximum number of people admitted inside venues so as to avoid massive gatherings.

Some venues may have been forced to shut down for financial crisis or apply stricter / more flexible rules. Reason why you should always ask for updates and advice to your wedding planner/coordinator, or straight forward the venue owners.

If you are thinking of honeymoon in Italy or simply touring there, you are expected to comply with these three simple rules:

1- a-1.5 meter at least social distancing

2- Wearing masks in enclosed spaces (certainly not while you are sitting at a restaurant)

3 – Wearing masks in public transport


Cross-EU and some extra EU border travellers don’t any longer require 14 days of quarantine.

For the latest updates about travel restrictions, check this post.

This is very good news, although the temperature of passengers at airport is still being taken both upon departure and arrival. Moreover passengers may be asked to provide a certificate indicating the reasons for traveling.

Usually, you can download and print a certificate form to fill out from your country embassy/consulate website. Check the official sources that you find listed at the end of this post before planning to travel or moving to some other countries and to make sure that this information are up to date.

The  chances  of  getting   married  in  Italy  under  CODIV-19

Consider the new cross-border travels restrictions
Italy's aeroport - the challenges of getting married in Italy under COVID-19

Italy to date has opened its borders to all Schengen countries, including Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco, without a-14 days quarantine obligation.

On the IATA Travel Regulation Map about COVID-19 you can find a real-time update of the travel restrictions across the entire globe

Access to the map HERE

You can opt for getting regular alerts straight to your inbox, as long as the worldwide restrictions are in place, in exchange of an yearly moderate fee.

A regular update of all Italian Travel Restrictions  are available for consultation on the Italian Government official website, where you can check out all the restrictions taken so far to contain the outbreak spread since 31 January 2020. Unfortunately, this source is only available in Italian.

Instead, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website has a dedicated area that is regularly updated about the conditions set by Italy and other countries as regards the possibility to enter Italy for tourism reasons, available on this page.

The  chances  of  getting  married  under  COVID-19

Only  rely  on  Trusted  and  official  National sources
Only rely on Italian and International sources

Don’t rely on every single Internet source you stumble with, but keep track of the Italian alerts published by the Italian Government on the Italian Official Government website and on other trusted sources.

Feel free to contact me for any requests / concerns / doubt you may have:



Click here to check out the latest updates published on the website of the Italian Government.


Click here for information on cross-border safe travels to/from Italy in the website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry




If you are looking for more specific content related to the chance of getting married in Italy under COVID-19, check out the website of the Town Hall where you plan to get married.

Be alerted that specific updates about getting married in Italy may not be provided on their website.

If that’s the case, get in touch with the team responsible in charge of providing this information. You can usually see their contact details at the bottom of their page.


Rome Town Hall: civil ceremonies department, CLICK HERE

Venice Town Hall: civil wedding department, CLICK HERE

Florence Town Hall: civil wedding department, CLICK HERE

Siena Town Hall: civil wedding departments, CLICK HERE

Pisa Town Hall: civil wedding departments, CLICK HERE




Consider that ceremonies in general are permitted under given restrictions only:


1 – Since July couples are no longer obliged to wear masks during ceremony. While the priest is and so are the guests who are requested to respect a social distancing of 1-2 meters from each other.

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1 – 1.5-meter minimum social distancing. Meaning that tables would be set in a way to comply with this distancing rule. Overall wedding reception are encouraged to be taken in outdoor spaces to ensure a more laid-back environment

2 – Wearing masks in enclosed spaces and holding a 1.5-meter social distancing at least in any circumstances

3 – Try to avoid social distancing. On dancing areas holding keeping at least 2 meters of social distancing.

4 –  Buffet meals in self-service mode were banned in June 2020 for hygienical safety reasons, unless being separately served in single dose bags which doesn’t sound very inspiring. In any case if you don’t want to skip one of those typically Italian exquisite wedding buffets, rest assured that you’re going to get it in a way or another, as closely as possible to the health safety measures.

Bear also in mind that some regions are said to be more flexible in handling wedding reception rules. For instance, Puglia is one of them.

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The  chances  of  getting  married  in  Italy  under  COVID-19

Only rely on Trusted International sources


Travel Alerts get continually published on the official website of the heath and governmental authorities:


Government of Italy – Official Coronavirus Updates

Spain – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Government of France – Official Coronavirus Updates

IE Ireland Official Travel Advice

UK  UK Official Travel Advice



state.giv – USA Official Travel Advice – Canada Official Travel Advice – Australia Official Travel Advice


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