Planning your Dream Honeymoon in Sardinia

Planning your Dream Honeymoon in Sardinia!

Here you can find awesome tips on how to Best Planning your Dream Honeymoon in Sardinia and epic places where you can spend your Honeymoon in total relax!

If you are you planning your dream Honeymoon in Sardinia, know that this stunning island houses the most beautiful beaches in the world, which can really transform every couple’s wedding day in the most romantic experience of their life.

On top of hosting heavenly beaches along every coast, Sardinia has also some of the most incredible beach wedding venues, tailored to every budget, to make your dream a reality!

Besides being a perfect backdrop for anyone loving beach holiday, Sardinia features large tracts of inner and coastal area remained almost or completely untouched by tourism where adventure-loving couples have plenty of choice to exploring Sardinian’s wild nature more in-depth.

Sardinia outdoor activities and experiences suited for all tastes and ages, ranging from water excursions to horseback riding, and naturally hiking, road cycling, and mountain biking across the countless mountain tracks in the hinterlands.

Before giving you deeper advice about lodgings and honeymoon ideas across the island, note that Sardinia is the largest island in Italy, set in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Sardinia is best-known and loved worldwide for its fine sandy beaches and ‘’Caribbean’’ sea.

Most sunbathers tend to throng beaches equipped with everything, by contrast, a minority of tourists prefer stepping away from the crowd in search of more authentical places in closer contact with nature.

If you are a curious-minded couple and crave adventure, know that Sardinia is the dream scenario for nature and adventure experiences, and fun is absolutely guaranteed!

Keep reading to find out more about this crazy island!

Planning your Dream Honeymoon in Sardinia


The best season to plan a Honeymoon in Sardinia is between June and September for two main reasons:

Temperature is bearable (around 28℃). Actually in May seawater begins warming up enough to have a swim in the sea.

Accommodation, ferry, and flight fares are more affordable.

Avoid Augusts and second-mid of July where even the smallest secluded beach or cove and bay can get busy soon.

Planning your Dream Honeymoon in Sardinia


As for weather conditions, consider that Sardinia is reached by high cold winds blowing from northeast year-round, especially in winter-spring (October-April).

Intense wind gusts named after mistral blow over Sardinia and from there reach the southwest and central coast of Italy. Mistral hits primarily the west coast of Sardinia, from north to south.

Unlike the southern coast is most often reached by a southern hot wind blowing from Africa northern desert, commonly known as Scirocco. This hot wind often causes a sudden increase in temperature picks getting sometimes humidity to rise up to 90% causing some discomfort to sunbathers.

Planning your Dream Honeymoon in Sardinia

How to get
to Sardinia

Several ferry companies travel to Sardinia; the most popular ferries are Tirrenia, Moby, Grimaldi, Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV), SNAV, and Ferry Maritima.

Harbors for passenger ships are located in Cagliari (southern coast), Olbia (northeast coast), Porto Torres (Sassari Province, northwest coast) e Arbatax (Nuoro Province, central-west coast).

The journey duration can last 8 up to 13 hours, depending on the Ferry line. Traveling with Navi Veloci Tirrenia (June – September) is much faster if sea conditions allow, but the company doesn’t cover all routes to/from Sardinia.

Given that Sardinia doesn’t have a highway, perception is that reaching a destination is a never-ending journey.

You are lucky if you can drive straight to your destination along the statal road, but at times, especially in case of long-distance displacements, you’ll be forced to turn to secondary tiny winding roads in open countryside (by the way, bring a good navigation system with you!).

That’s why I recommend not to drive long distances from the port of arrival.

Below are a few personal tips on the closest places to stay in from your port of arrival. All of these places can be reached in about an-hour drive from the closest ports.


If your port of arrival is Cagliari, you may drive up to the southern beaches of Chia and Villasimius, which are amazing. A different option could be driving all the way down the SS131 to reach southernmost destinations such as Green Coast Beaches, on the southwest shore.


This is the best option if you’ve chosen to stay in Ogliastra province (central-east coast).
Arbatax port is not far from the Orosei Gulf.


This is the best port of arrival if you’ve chosen to honeymoon in S. Teodoro. The closest beaches from there are Posada, Budoni, or in Golfo degli Aranci and Costa Smeralda (northwest coast). Olbia, Orosei Gulf, and Ogliastra are also a good option. All the three are reachable within an hour from Olbia port.


This port is more indicated if you aim to reach other destinations on the northern coast of Sardinia, like Alghero (northeast), Stintino (northeast), Badesi, Castelsardo, and Paradise Coast.

The cost of a ferry ticket may cover over 50% of your global cost if you book too closely to your departing date.
This is why it’s highly recommendable to book as early as possible! already in December and January, special
rates and package deals are available, which can range from a free return way to a discount off your ticket cost.

If you cannot book too far ahead, better searching for a last-minute offer that might include hotel + flight or ferry + hotel, so that somehow you can still save up.

La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia Planning your Dream Honeymoon in Sardinia

La pelosa, Simon Dannhauer©



La Pelosa (Stintino – Sassari Province). North-east edge of Sardinia. This beach is considered the most ‘Caribbean’ beaches on the island. A top-attraction for sunbathers, marked by crystal seawater looking like a pool, and white sand. This beach gets very fast deluged with sunbathers in summer, this is why it’s recommendable reaching the beach early in the morning.

Fontana Mare beach in Sardinia Planning your dream honeymoon in Sardinia




Fontanamare beach (Green Coast / Costa Verde – South-West coast of Sardinia).
The sandy and extensive beaches extending over this stretch of coast are typically gold-colored and dotted with dunes.

Castelsardo village in Sardinia Panning your Dream Honeymoon in Sardinia



Castelsardo is a hilltop town in Sassari Province, north-west coast of Sardinia.
No doubt Castelsardo‘s top attraction is the ancient center crossed by a labyrinth of steep pathways and multiple level panoramic spots. The highest point is dominated by its ancient castle and fortress.

Is. Aruttas beach in Sardinia Planning your Dream Honeymoon in Sardinia

Antoniomaria Laria©



Isola Aruttas (Oristano Province – central-west coast of Sardinia). Some beaches along the Coast of Oristano province are featured by white grain quartz sand. The best-known quarts beaches are Is. Aruttas, Maimoni, Mari Ermi.

Orri Beach in Sardinia Planning your dream Honeymoon in Sardinia




Orri Beach (Ogliastra province), southeast coast. Ogliastra is in Nuoro Province. Its inland territory is mostly formed by mountains and woods. Its varied coastline is formed by paradisiac coves giving way to isolated beaches that get moderately crowded with tourists in summer.

Cala Brandinchi beach in Sardinia




Cala Brandinchi, set between Costa Smeralda and Olbia. This coastal area is well-equipped with all the necessary facilities for sunbathers.

Where to book your ferry to Sardinia

There are several websites and portals where you can book your ferry ticket online.
Find below a few personal recommendations:


On website OK Ferry website you can book your ticket online for a better price, depending
on the time of your booking, and other factors.


Direct Ferry is the best option if you’ve chosen to stay in Ogliastra province
(central-east coast). Either Arbatax port is not far from Orosei Gulf.


GNV includes promos and discounts on ferry ticket rates.

Ferry companies themselves publish regular offers on their site. Purchasing through them can be
cheaper since you would not be charged a commission fee on top of your ticket cost, unlike
if you book via a booking platform expect to be charged a supplement.


Grimaldi Lines offers package deals on a regular basis including last minute offers.

Sardinia is served by three airports operating respectively in Cagliari, Alghero, and Olbia. In winter the airport is less frequently served by international air routes, so pay attention to this detail when you book.

From my view, Skyscanner is more indicated when it comes to comparing cheap airfares among hundreds of international airlines.

For special accommodation and car hire deals, beyond flight search, I would rather recommend Expedia.

Find out our selection of the Best Hotels for an incredible Honeymoon in Sardinia!


If you intend to plan your dream honeymoon in Sardinia in total freedom to discover the most hidden treasures of the island, which is what I warmly suggest, you better hire a car, although driving across Sardinia is more time consuming than one can guess.

There are several car hire agencies right outside the three airports of Sardinia (Cagliari, Olbia, and Alghero). You are recommended to book online well in advance if you aim to save up on car rental costs. The rental cost can largely vary depending on the duration of your stay and on the year’s period you book your flight.

Expedia is a valid booking platform to compare fares among a large number of car companies and moreover it offers several deals (Hotels + Car, Flight + Hotel, or a combination of the three).

Rental cars is another valid car rental portal with regular budget rental deals.


If you are planning your dream honeymoon in Sardinia, first thing first search for romantic lodging. Luckily Sardinia has plenty of lodging options suited for all tastes and budgets.

If lodging is not your major concern, and you can easily adapt to lower lodging standards, search for a one-room flat rental on Airbnb or For a budget-friendly honeymoon, you may consider Logitravel that specializes in all-inclusive holiday deals (hotel + flight).

A valid alternative, especially when you look for more options and independent advice, ask the regional tourism offices directly.

Local tourist offices are spread across the island, and info points are available at every airport. If you prefer getting in touch with a tourist regional office ahead of your journey, try to contact the main tourist office in Cagliari.

CAGLIARI – 09124 Viale Trieste, 105
Tel.: +39.070.606280
[email protected]