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Some Incredible Things to do in Sardinia


Planning a Wedding in Sardinia? you couldn’t have made a better choice! Here are some incredible things to do in Sardinia with your partner or along with your wedding guests!

Here you can choose from a vast selection of tours to discover the sensational natural landscape of this magical island.

Although Sardinia is best known for its superb coastline, strewn with stunning beaches, and a crystalline sea, the inland tracks have their own incredible charm.

Countless and various are the leisure activities one can, also thanks to its mild climate remaining stable year-round, ranging from boat sailing, snorkeling, and diving, to cycling, hiking, and climbing.

For instance…take a bike tour!

With its 1,000 km of coastal and scenic roots, uphill and downhill tracks, Sardinia is perfect for cycling tours catered for all levels of expertise.

Find below a recommended selection of cycling tour companies run by a team of long-experienced bikers with a sound knowledge of the island cycling roads.

Take a tour in Kaiak

Some incredible things to do in Sardinia

Eager to exploring Sardinia more hidden sea treasures? set off the beach and join a kayak tour. Kayaking is a must-have experience in Sardinia.

Below you will find a handful of kayaking tour companies and associations looking forward to offering you and your partner a unique experience on board of their canoes.

Ecosportsardinia is a team of kayaking and other sports professionals, providing half-day kayaking tours of different effort-level, mainly across the northeast coast of Sardinia and ion the southern part of Olbia. Private boat and snorkeling tours are included in their tourist offer.

Other options are:


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