Tour Ideas in Rome

Guide to Visiting Rome on a budget

Guide to Visiting Rome on a budget!

Is it in Rome where you strive to say ‘’I do’’? read this informative and entertaining Married in Italy Guide: Visiting Rome on a budget!

An art-city day tour in Rome should never miss in your tour map, and rest assured that Rome offers an incredible number of places of interest.

On the other hand, Rome is not a cheap city, and tourists are often unaware of all those little tricks to visiting Rome on a budget.

First thing first, BE CAREFUL TO THE CLASSIC TOURIST TRAPS! especially when it comes to choosing an eating establishment. Keep scrolling to learn more about this matter!

Getting married abroad is always an incredible opportunity to diving into your destination wedding’s local culture and traditions.

Enjoy your stay in this magical city!

Interior of Capitoline Museum, Anna Pakutina©,


If you are aged 26-64, you can request a Roma Pass. Through this card you are entitled to free entrance to two museums or/and archaeological sites and discount on museums rates other attractions.

Interiors of Cappella Sistina


People aged over 65 are generally entitled to a free entrance to all museums. Students aged 18-25 can benefit from reduced rates for many attractions in Rome

If you are a student, expect to be asked to exhibit a student card. Submit a request to your Education institute for getting a card.

Santi Boniifacio e Alessio church in Rome Married in Italy Guide: Visiting Rome on a budget

Church of Santi Bonifacio e Alessio all’ Aventino


Wondering what to do and where to go when in Rome?

Civitatis is a leading tour online booking platform, offering a varied range of budget things to do in Rome: from Cultural Guided Tours to Food Tours; from Tourist Bus Transfer to Museum Ticket Sale.

Install the CIVITATIS travel Guide App on your mobile device and get the most out of your trip thanks to their practical tips about where to go and what to do in Rome.

Get Your Guide is a valid alternative to Civitatis if you are looking to book more budget guided tours. To book one or more guided tours through them click here, and click here for a selection of all-dedicated guided-tours in Castel Sant’Angelo and St Peter Square.

Saint Peter Basilica in Rome Married in Italy Guide: Visiting Rome on a budget

Aerial view of Saint Peter Basilica 

Guide to visiting Rome on a budget!


Unless you have picked a hotel or other forms of accommodations outside the historical center of Rome, if your lodging sits in the historical center (Trastevere, Colosseum, Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, Quirinale, Campidoglio, Vatican etc…), you don’t need commuting by public transport.

However, if for whatever reason you need to commute by public transport, you can rely on a wide array of travel options.

The travel cards most frequently purchased in Rome are:

Day Pass (BIG)

BIG PASS is a one-day tourist pass that can be used on all public transport in Rome (bus, metro, tram), including some regional trains for rides from/to Rome, amounting to 6,00 Euro.

3 Day Tourist Pass (BTI)

This is a three-day tourist pass that can be used on all public transports in Rome (bus, metro, tram), including for some regional train rides from-to Rome, for a cost of 16,50 Euro.

Week Pass (CIS)

This is a one-week tourist pass that can be used on all public transport in Rome (bus, metro, tram), including some regional train rides from-to Rome, for a cost of 16,50 Euro.

Watch out on Public Transport and stations for pick-pocketing, largely widespread in Rome and other big cities in Italy!

Orange Garden (Aventino)

Guide to visiting Rome on a budget!


The best time to visit Rome is in the off-season (September – November; January – June).

Avoid the peak months (July and August).

October and May are dedicated to the Holy Rosary, as a result, loads of pilgrims schedule their holiday in that time of the year. Moreover, tendentially May is when lots of international tourists schedule their holidays.

Overall weather in Rome remains mild all-year-round. It can freeze sometimes in January, but usually, it never goes under 0℃.

Guide to Visiting Rome on a Budget

Other museums in Rome

Check the museums and art-galleries directory of Civitatis for a deeper overview of what to do when in Rome.

Married in Italy Guide: Visiting Rome on a budget

Religious places of interest to visit in Rome for free or almost at no cost

One of the best attractions of Rome the countless Majestic Basilicas and Enchanting Churches scattered all over the city:

Basilica di Santa Maria Degli Angeli e dei Martiri (Piazza Della Repubblica) – free entrance. Visit this web-page for more practical information.

Basilica San Giovanni in Laterano (San Giovanni) – free entrance. Visit this web-page for more practical information.

Chiesa di San Paolo Dentro le Mura (Via Nazionale – Castro Pretorio) – free entrance. Visit this website for more practical information

Basilica di S. Paolo Fuori le Mura – (Piazzale St. Paolo) free entrance. Visit this web-page for more practical information. The cloister is open every day from 8:30 until 18:00; entrance fee 4,00 (lower rate € 3,00); [email protected]

Chiesa di Santa Prudenziana (Cavour)– free entrance. Opening Hours for Visiting: Tue-Sa: 09:00-12:00.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore) – free entrance.

Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone – (Piazza Navona) – free entrance. Visit the official website of the Church for more information.

Basilica di Santa Sabina – (Colli dell’Aventino) – free entrance.

Basilica dei Santi Bonifacio e Alessio (Colli dell’Aventino) – free entrance.

Grotte Vaticane – it is the vast underground part of Vatican Museums, beneath St Peter’s Basilica, home to the tombs of scores of popes (free entrance).

Mausoleo di Santa Costanza (Via Nomentana) – free entrance.

Santa Maria del Popolo – (Piazza del Popolo) – free entrance.

Guide to Visiting Rome on a budget

Enjoy breath-taking views of Rome from These 10 Romantic Roof Terraces

Aside from Museums, Churches, and archaeological sites, Rome is packed with a lot of panoramic roof-terraces adding to the city an extra charm! Below is an array of top free roof-terraces in Rome:


1. Imperial Forum from the panoramic terrace of Campidoglio
2. Gianicolo
3. Pincio
4. Giardino Degli Aranci (Orange Gardens)
5. Trinita’ Dei Monti
6. Panoramic Terrace Lo Zoadiaco in Monte Mario
7. Panoramic Terrace del Vittoriano
8. Panoramic Terrace del Cupolone
9. Panoramic Terrace Orti Farnesiani
10. Caffarelli Terrace
11. Imperial Forum Museums inside the Mercati di Traiano

Married in Italy Guide: Visiting Rome on a budget

Take a walk in these Magnificent Parks and stylish gardens!

Aside from Museums, Churches, and A very smart way to spend a cost-free day-trip in Rome is walking the trails of its magnificent parks and elegant gardens. Below find 9 recommended parks for an afternoon walking tour:


1. Villa Borghese

2. Parco di Villa Ada

3. Parco di Villa Doria Pamphilj

4. Gianicolo

5. Giardini Vaticani

6. Giardino Degli Aranci

Guide to Visiting Rome on a budget!


A very common, fast and cheap way to eat in Rome is at a rosticceria, where you can buy a variety of traditional courses (pasta, pizza, risotto, meat…) and vegetables.

These eating establishments are tied to fast meals concept or ‘take-away’ meals. In some cases, you are allowed to eat inside seated around a low-profile table.

In the alternative, you can order a pizza-by-the-slice (pizza al taglio) that is a common budget saver here at one of Rome’s takeaway pizza establishments. Typical to these places are arancini or suppli.
For a detailed overview of what you can eat in Rome, enjoy my post on What to eat and drink in Rome and nearby!

If you are keen on budget eating solutions, be mindful when it comes to choosing a value-for-money restaurant. Rome, Florence, and Venice have their share of overpriced low-quality food which is not always fresh and home-made. Despite this, it gets sold twice as the average price to tourists who are usually unable to perceive the difference in taste.

Tourists commonly fall in these common traps. You should better let yourself guided by an insider, don’t be ashamed to ask local shops or bars for specific advice. Romans are always pleased to share their knowledge of local eating places with tourists. In the alternative, follow my website regularly, which is being updated on a regular basis.

At traditional trattoria expect being served abundant portions of food for a moderate price, and expect to eat and drink a lot for averagely 20-25 euros per head.

Typical Roman pasta dish

Bucatini all’amatriciana (a typically roman pasta dish)

Credit to Salvatore Massare, 

Breakfast in Rome

Typical breakfast in Italy is a croissant and an espresso or a cappuccino eaten upright at bars, for an average price of €3,50.

Breakfast meal is not so important in Italy, and Italians don’t spend more than 10 minutes on it. If you want to seat, expect to pay a supplement for the table service.

In that case, you should better turn to a more tourist-tailored bar, but unfortunately, I cannot recommend you any for now. However, stay tuned as it might be the subject of my next post.

Coffee in Rome

For the best price, cozy up to a bar and have a coffee there! otherwise expect to pay a supplement for the table service.

Here is Momondo’s classification of the best value-for-money trattorie of Rome recommended by many roman bloggers.