Tour Ideas in Florence

Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a budget

Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a Budget

If the stunning Tuscany will be your Destination Wedding, get inspired by our tips and guidance for planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a Budget!

Florence is an open-air museum packed with highlights of priceless value; a well-known city for its styled squares, besides being chocked full of food and clothing traditional markets. Florence was declared UNESCO Heritage in 1982.

On the other hand, Florence, like most tourist famous cities, can be very expensive when it comes to accommodation and food. Get inspired by our valuable recommendations if you want to enjoy the city on a budget.

In case you are still undecided about where to go and what to do in Florence, get in touch with us using this contact form to get more specific advice.

A wedding abroad is the perfect occasion to visit your destination wedding and learn more about its local culture and traditions.

View of Florence Dome Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a budget

Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a Budget


The best time of the year to visit Florence is definitely spring (May-June) for three main reasons:

  1. The city starts to warm up (temperatures are mild, ranging from 25℃ to 27℃). Although consider that over the past few years weather has been rather weird, with heavy rainfalls, followed by a sudden increase in temperature reaching at time 38℃ – 40℃ in July and August. Unlike common thinking, the weather in Italy is never 100% steady.
  2. Accommodation and flight rates are still affordable

Fall (September – November) is also a good time to visit Florence as:
1. The crowd starts getting smaller
2. It’s not yet freezing cold, although, watch out that it might be heavily rainy at times
3. It’s off-season, as a result, accommodation and flight rates are cheaper
4. Despite all, Florence remains a city that is a joy to visit regardless of the weather conditions
Summer (July-August) is the hottest period. Temperatures at this time can peak at 41º. On top of temperatures, it’s the moisture content in most parts of Italy to cause the biggest annoyances. Indeed in summer moisture content can peak at 90%, regardless of temperature.
5. Beyond that, accommodation rates get higher. O the other hand, it’s the best time to enjoy a fantastic aperitive on a top-roof terrace while enjoying a sensational view of the city.
Most highlights in Venice can be seen in 3-4 days thus you’ll be most likely not to freeze.
I’d skip Venice in the hottest season (July-Augusts) as weather can turns to be unbearably damp and it is usually chock-full of tourists, as well as accommodation and flight fares are more pricey on summertime.

Woman waiting at a bus stop in Florence Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a budget

Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a Budget


Florence’s historic center is rather compact and everything stands within walking distance, so most of the time you don’t need to commute by public transport. However, if you prefer using public transport, I recommend you to buy a 72-hour travel card providing unlimited access to all public transport (metro, tram, and bus) as well as to 30 museums.

This card gives also access to the ‘skip-to-line’ advantage.

For more details about bus rates and selling points, how to move in and out of Florence, and more and more, check out the site of, displaying loads of useful resources.

A personal tip: when on a bus or on any other public means, watch out for your wallet against pickpocketing! Unfortunately, this is a recurrent sore in Florence so as it is in other famous Italian cities.

And Don’t forget to stamp your ticket in the bus if you want to avoid a fine!

Save on Train Ticket in Florence

Book online via ItaliaRail if you want to skip the line at train stations and benefit from better tariffs, especially if you book early.

Taxi in Florence

It is recommendable catching a taxi if you want to reach the city faster from and to the airport.
Taxi from/to the airport of Florence is rather cheap compared to other major cities like Rome. The flat rate is around €20 (+possible supplements).

Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a Budget


Getting around Florence by bike is an excellent idea and eco-friendly initiative if you want to save time on commuting. On top of this, bike rental is rather cheap in Florence.

On this site, you can find quality and in-depth content with useful instructions on how to get around Florence on two wheels, including on Vespa, as well as e-bike rental information and rental shops.

Amerigo Vespucci Tour is a recommended company for bikes, e-bike rentals, and bike tours.

Florencebybike is a tour company, offering a variety of bikes for rental and guided tours, in and out of Florence.

If you are looking for a way to combine cultural knowledge with physical activity, consider to join a sightseeing guided bike tour. On this web-page, you can choose from a wide array of tours in and out of the city of Florence.

Personal tip: cycling in Florence, as in every Italian big city, is not as easy as if you do in the Netherlands or in another Northern European country. Watch out for the cars!

A statue in a Florence museum Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a budget

Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a Budget


The Firenze Card is a 72-hour pass giving access to a substantial number of museums and exhibitions. For most of them, you can skip the line. This card can give access to free public service, in exchange for a supplement. The pass costs €72 per head. Visit the Firenze Card official website to learn more about this topic.

Online reservation is highly recommended to skip the long line at museums.

A eating place in Florence Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a budget

Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a Budget


A very spread, fast, and cheap way to eat in Florence is at a rosticceria. At this kind of place, one can buy a variety of traditional main courses (pasta, pizza, risotto…) and vegetables. The most usual eating mode at these kinds of places is takeaway or inside around a low-key table.

Overall, eating at a rosticceria is a more budget-friendly option than eating at a restaurant.

Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral)

Along with the Uffizi Museum, the Duomo, called after the name of Santa Maria del Fiore, is a must-see place. Even if you have never been to Florence, you are most likely to know what monument I am speaking about.

It’s the one whose top cupola displays in most stock photos’, magazines and media channels and that you can see from everywhere in the city.

The Duomo’s entrance is free, but if you want to reach the cupola to enjoy the stunning city view from the top roof-terrace, get ready to climb 436 stairs. Bear in mind that since 2016 booking ahead of your visit of the Duomo cupola has become compulsory.

If you want to visit all the 5 monuments of Piazza del Duomo for a cheaper rate and skip the line at the same time, you can buy a single pass for €18,00.

This ticket gives you access to a number of key highlights such as Santa Maria del Fiore opera museum, Brunelleschi Cupola, Giotto tower bell (414 steps, no lift), Saint John baptistery and the crypt of Santa Reparata.

Take into account that this ticket can be used for one visit only of each sight and expires within 24 hours since the first visit has started.

Piazza della Signoria

Piazza Della Signoria is the most renowned and crowded square of Florence, along with Piazza Duomo. It’s located in the historic center, near Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, and Piazza del Duomo.

It lies within a-10 minute walk from the Station of Santa Maria Novella.

Parco Villa il Ventaglio

Parco Villa il Ventaglio is a styled public park dating back to the Renaissance period (XV century). It is situated slightly outside the historic center, fringed by elegant and panoramic terraces and gardens.

It is the ideal spot to spend some hours in total relaxation on a walk along the tree-lined avenues covered by lavish vegetation.

Orsanmichele church

Orsanmichele is a XIX old-century church located inside the historic center of Florence. The tabernacle sculpted by XV century’s Italian famous sculptors such as Donatello, Di Banco, and Ghiberti is the best attraction of this church.

The Church enables access to an internal museum where you can admire famous Renaissance statues. The entrance to the church is free.

Basilica di Santo Spirito

Basilica di Santo Spirito falls in Florence’s toplist of churches, designed by a famous Renaissance Age architect: Brunelleschi.

Walk the traditional booths sited on the main square, which are open from Munday to Saturday. Entrance to the Basilica is free.

Casa Martelli

Palazzo Casa Martelli is a XV-century residential Palace in origin owned by a noble family of Florence, Martelli family. In 2009 it was transformed into a civic museum where it is still possible to admire for free the ancient art collection of the family.

The residential Palace encloses a treasure of frescoes and other lavish objects and decorations. Entrance to the Palace is free.

Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a Budget


Most guided tours in Florence are on payment. Nevertheless, this guided-tour led by an expert local is highly recommended by many tourists and most importantly is for free. Have a look at the itinerary of this free tour!

Here is another recommended morning free walking tour you should consider to take.

This is another free walking tour led by a local guide ending with a local food tasting.

Boboli Gardens is a masterpiece of Florence outdoor architecture, housing a collection of stylish statues, fountains, and century-old oak trees dating back to the Renaissance period (XV century).

This garden boasts an excellent position, standing right in front of another Renaissance architecture masterpiece: Palazzo Pitti. This Palace was designed in 1457 by one of the most appreciated Italian architects of the Renaissance Age, Brunelleschi. Entrance to Boboli Garden and Palazzo Pitti is not free. Boboli Garden’s ticket amounts to €7,00 and €3,50 half-price.

What to eat and drink in Venice’s region

San Miniato a Monte Basilica

Basilica of San Miniato a Monte is a Romanesque church (11th and 13th century) accessible via a long series of steps ending at a top terrace, one of the highest in the city.

Apart from its magnificent façade decoration and lavish interior frescoes, the top side of this place is the breath-taking city view from the Basilica terrace. Next to the Basilica façade stands an Olivetan monastery. The entrance to the Basilica is free.

Oblate Library

This public library in Florence, formerly a fourteenth-century convent, is an art-gallery preserving precious artwork testimonials of XX-century artists.

Entrance to the gallery is free so it is the internal cafeteria set on the top-floor, flanked by glass walls from where you can admire breath-taking views of the Duomo cupola.

Other Venetian Delicacies

Central Market

One of Florence’s Top attractions is the Central Market. In this place you can find anything fresh to eat for a very low rate, comprising take-away food spots and great value-for-money restaurants.

Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio

Sant’Ambrogio is a lower-key market compared to the Central Market, but likewise, it’s worth to visit.

You can find a complete list of all museums, churches, and things to do for free in Florence on the site of il Reporter.

Mastering some Italian would help, either way, don’t hesitate to ask us for some guidance.

Planning your Perfect Florence Trip on a budget

The Best 5 Roof Terraces for a Killer Aperitive in Florence

To planning the perfect Florence Trip on a Budget, a tasty aperitive on a romantic roof terrace cannot miss.

Outside of Art and History Treasures, Florence, like many other major cities in Italy after all, is famous for its tasty aperitive.

A Florence aperitive can be either accompanied by a variety of finger food, from olives, crisps, and cheese slices, to richer appetizers making this aperitive formula closer to a dinner concept. Richer aperitive may comprehend cold pasta, cold cuts, grilled vegetable slices, and similar.

If you are on a budget this could be a budget saver compared to a traditional dinner. As said, aperitive tradition is common to other Art-Cities in Italy such as Venice’s region, Rome’s region, Turin’s region, Milan’s region, just to make a few examples. Popular Italian pre-dinner drink is spritz.

An excellent way to spend some quality pre-wedding time, secluded with your spouse and /or along with your wedding guests, is having an aperitive on one of the many Florentine top-roof terraces.

Find below a recommended list of best hotels to take an aperitive, for sensational terrace views of the city:
1. Grand Hotel Minerva. Piazza Santa Maria Novella 16. Firenze.
2. Hotel Machiavelli Palace. Via Nazionale 10. Firenze.
3. Grand Hotel Cavour, a few meters away from Duomo cupola, Via del Proconsolo 3. Firenze.
4. La Rinascente, a popular shopping center in Italy.
5. Empireo del Plaza Hotel Lucchesi, Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia, 38, 50122 Firenze