Enjoy the Best Italy Food and Wine Tasting Tours

Italy Food and Wine Tasting Tours have always fascinated thousands of vacationers from around the world who year-round want to spend their holiday in Italy.

The diverse array of Italy’s Food & and Wine Tasting Tours, ranging from tasting tours to entertaining and educational cooking classes, will certainly amaze your wedding guests and keep them busy while you couple are locked into your wedding stressful arrangements!

According to most tourists’ reviews, Italy boasts a top-ranking cuisine in the world. Besides its tasty recipes, every Italian region boasts a first-hand selection of wines 

Not to mention the countless regional food festivals occurring in Italy year-round, the so-called sagre. Sagre is a folk term to indicate a sort of folk feast, during which regional food and beverages are set on display for tasting and promotional purposes.

Many sagre are named after the promotional product’s name. In other words, the Sagra della Polenta (polenta feast) and the sagra della melanzana (aubergine feast), are intended to promote polenta, the former, and aubergine, the latter.

No wonder that these food events are most likely to take place in the summertime when Italy is reached by the utmost pick of tourists. These feasts populate the entire Peninsula, with no exception.

Mixture of fried fish venetian dish Italy Food and Wine Tasting Tours



Tasting Tours - Venice

When in Venice, don’t miss out on a Wine Tasting Tour and take a few cooking classes!

Escape the bustle and hustle of Venice to join a wine tasting tour in the Prosecco region (Treviso province) and don’t miss a cooking class!

Venice region’s wealthy gastronomic tradition comprises excellent wines production and a variety of tasty local dishes that would delight the most demanding gourmand.

A roman trattoria -what to eat and drink in Rome's region

Typical Roman Trattoria


Tasting Tours - Rome

When in Rome, don’t miss out on a Wine Tasting Tour and take a few cooking classes!

Lazio region, having Rome as its regional capital, boasts a rich wine-making tradition. Some of the best-known wine local brands are:

Aprilia DOC

Aleatico Gradoli

Cannellino di Frascati

Marino DOC

Assovini (The Italian Wines association) displays a
complete list of all wines locally produced on its website, along with a insightful description of every wine.

Outside of Rome, Castelli Romani is a must-place to visit for a memorable wine tasting experience. Castelli Romani is regarded as the wine production’s heart in Rome’s region.

And of course, know that Rome and Rome’s surroundings offer a vast choice of cooking classes where you can challenge your cooking skills, learn how to prepare typical roman dishes and, in most cases, get the recipes and enlightening tips by real chefs!

Join a cooking class in Rome or nearby!

Set of Tuscan fruit and wine Italy Wine and Food tasting tours



Tasting Tours - Tuscany

When in Tuscany, don't miss out on a Wine Tasting Tour and take a few cooking classes!

Escape the bustle and hustle of Florence to join a Wine Tasting Tour in the Chianti region and take a few cooking classes! Chianti valley extends over four cities of priceless historic and artistic value: Firenze, Siena, Arezzo, and Pisa. Chianti is the perfect gateway for an educational tour combining art and history with culinary tradition.

For a deeper insight into the Chianti Classico production cycle, don’t miss the Casa del Chianti Classico (or the House of Chianti Classico) with its inner educational museum and wine shop. This building, in origin a Franciscan monastery, houses a variety of cultural events mainly devoted to raising awareness of this historic wine roots. The most popular events occurring there are:

1. Cooking classes
2. Wine tasting tours
3. Meetings and conferences
4. Lunch and dinner events

Of course, the ways of exploring this unique territory and tasting a superb wine are endless.

Hope you enjoyed this short virtual tour through some of the best-known Italian region’s food and wine traditions.

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After all, once in Italy to say ”I do”, who would be so crazy as to skip a food and wine tasting tour?

if you aspire to dive deeply into Italian culture, explore gem-like lesser known places, in addition to the most conventional tourist destinations, and get a flavour of Italy’s historical routes and its most established traditions, follow our inspiring tips for:


Adventure tours in Italy

Perfect trips in the most beautiful Italian art-cities

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Italy Wine and Food Tasting Tours

In Italy pairing a glass of wine with some sport activities in close contact with nature is an excellent opportunity. Lots of tour operators sell tailor-made tours designed to make you enjoy the pleasure of a glass of wine or a tasty lunch with some sports activities to do in nature.

Below you can find a selection of bike-tours of low-medium difficulty designed to explore suggestive and little known rural tracks in Venice region. These tours include a handful of stops at local wine cellars, at local sagre (folk food events), or at typical restaurants. All of this in exchange for a modest fee.

ITALIA / RISI E BICI: it is a 40-Km one-day bike tour across the Venice’s region. The itinerary envisages a cycling tour across Vicenza‘s rural trails, up to the hills of Padua (Colli Euganei). This excursion includes a stop at a restaurant for tasting local exquisite risotto dishes and drink some tasty local wines.

More bike tour options in Italy can be found on the official website of GIROLIBERO, take a close a look!

This tour operator organizes cycling tours along the Adriatic coast of Venice region; the itinerary envisages a pleasant cycling tour through some lovely seaside towns lining the Venetian lagoon; to mention but a few: Caorle, Eraclea Mare, and Jesolo. Via this company, you can benefit from convenient accommodation rates.

This tour operator organizes various mountain trekking tours and hill walks. The company focuses on trips to the discovery of local traditions and more hidden Italian territories. Great importance is given to the Provinces of Novara and Vercelli, in Piemonte Region (north-west of Italy), as well as to the areas surrounding Orta Lake and Maggiore Lake. A special focus is given to Italy Food and Wine Tasting Tours.

This association designs trekking tours in the southern hilly territory of Lombardiaregion, known as Oltrepò Pavese, to the discovery of medieval villages nestled in lavish vineyards. The association is also committed to the promotion of local food traditions by serving typical dinners and cooking classes.

Beyond tour operators and associations, lots of wineries in Italy are keen on welcoming visitors who are eager to learning more about their local wine-making tradition and cellar history.

One of these is Cantina Dal Maso sited in Vicenza (Veneto Region). The cellar occasionally opens its doors for wine tasting tours and educational walks through their vineyards.

To know what region and winery welcomes visitors for a Wine Tasting Tour in their cellar, consult the page of ITINERARINELGUSTO, or send an email to [email protected]