Are you searching for inspiring tips for the Perfect Art-City Tours in Italy? read this post to learn how to spend your day in Italy on amazing tours without spending a bundle!

If you’ve selected Rome, Florence, or Venice as your destination wedding, rest assured that either you or your guests won’t get bored for a second.

As everyone knows, these three art cities boast the world-record for art and history in the world.

Rome is the main custodian of a glorious past, something manifest in its several ancient remains. Not to mention the countless city guided-tours offered on a daily basis. If you are traveling on a budget, know that you can join a number of daily free walking tours.

Rooftop terrace of Hotel Savoy in Rome Tips for the PerfectArt-City Tours in Italy!

Tips for the Perfect Art-City Tours in Italy

Saint Mark Square (Venice) Tips for the Perfect Art-City Tours in Italy



If you are getting married in Venice or in a nearby town, wander the hundreds of tiny streets scattered all over the city; enjoy crossing the endless picturesque bridges, first and foremost Rialto, but also the bridge of sighs, the most romantic bridge for couples in love.

Don’t miss a boat tour along the Grand Canal to admire the sequence of noble palaces facing the Canal. And naturally, don’t miss a stop at the two Venice tourist top highlights: St Mark Square and Ducal Palace.

If you are an open-minded couple in search of new sites to explore and routes to walk beyond the crowdest spots, go to Burano‘s island or walk the tiny streets of Torcello island.

The calm and scenic neighborhood of Giardini, housing Venice’s Biennale, and the island of St. Elena, only two ferry stops away from Saint Mark, are two interesting areas falling outside the tourist radar.

Choose from a wide range of art-city tours, including free walking tours, or simply get lost into the city for one day or two.

Tips for the Perfect Art-City Tours in Italy

Trevi Fountain Tips for the Perfect Tours in Italy



Is Rome where you aspire to say ‘’I DO’’ to your spouse? read this informative and entertaining Married in Italy Guide: Visiting Rome on a budget!

An art-city day tour is a must-have experience when in Italy, and rest assured that Rome offers plenty of incredible highlights.

On the other hand, Rome is not a cheap city, and tourists are often unaware of all those little tricks to visiting Rome on a budget.

First thing first, BE CAREFUL TO THE CLASSIC TOURIST TRAPS! especially when it comes to choosing where to eat.

Getting married abroad is always a unique opportunity to diving into your destination wedding’s local culture and traditions.

Enjoy your stay in this magical city!

Tips for the Perfect Art-City Tours in Italy

View of Florence Dome Planning the Perfect Florence Trip on a budget



If Florence is where you wish to tie the knot, the possibilities to gaze at its unrivaled artistic and architectural treasures are unlimited.

While in Venice or Rome you can simply wander for hours without getting the real feeling you’re missing something specific, though Florence is an open-air museum, you can hardly resist the temptation of setting foot in one of the many educational museums or admire some of its endless paintings collection.

Florence’s architectural design is synonymous with elegance and harmony, finding the utmost expression in the Renaissance age.

You cannot miss the vast paintings collection of Uffizi or the Museo dell’ Opera del Duomo. Amaze at San Lorenzo’ church, Basilic of Santo Spirito, and at the ”Cappella dei Pazzi”, eloquently decorated by Brunelleschi, a famed Renaissance architect.

You won’t stop contemplating Masaccio’s finely decorated frescoes inside ”Cappella Brancacci”. Masaccio was a famous Renaissance painter.

Again, wander the magnificent Boboli Gardens, a Renaissance architecture masterpiece, and once in there, make your short way to Palazzo Pitti, set right behind the gardens.

Just outside the city walls, one can admire the magnificent hilltop Romanesque San Miniato a Monte Basilica. You can reach the top terrace via a long staircase, ending up enjoying terrific views over the city.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to drop in one of Florence’s lively markets, chock-full of stands selling well-priced local products, mainly food, and packed with cheap, but quality restaurants and take away-eating places. Start off with the major one, Central Market.

What’s your next travel destination in Italy?