The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy

Giulia & Laurent wedding The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy

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Whether Italy is your designated Destination Wedding or the country where you have set your heart for your Dream Honeymoon, Giulia and Laurent have you covered to plan the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Giulia is Italian and Laurent is Dutch and both live in the Netherlands. Both struggled a little to get their wedding in Italy designed from abroad the way they exactly wanted it to be. Hence, they can fully relate to a any couple being now in the same shoes.

Because of so many wedding vendors competing out there, couples might feel overwhelmed and stuck sometimes when it comes to entrusting the organization of the most important event of their life to a services provider.

This is why they have partnered with accountable groups of expert wedding suppliers, primarily wedding planners and travel agencies operating in Italy. They have accurately selected all these vendors to suit every need and request a couple may come up with along their planning path.

Best of all, you’re going to get this service at no extra cost on your end. Unlike, expect to save a lot of time and stress when it comes to selecting the best wedding planning service for your needs out of hundreds of wedding planning services sellers out there. Indeed this part will be taken over by us to simplify your work.

Rest assured that you’ll be supported to the utmost from start to finish.

Only one simple step is missing and a small effort from your side: click the button below to submit your contact form and expect a reply by us on the same day!

The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy


This guide is a source of inspiration to help couples plan their ideal Honeymoon Destination in Italy.

Wedding Planning Guide

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