The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy

The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy

MakeloveinItaly is the Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy and inform married couples-to-be on how to plan the Perfect Wedding in Italy.

We are Giulia and Laurent. Giulia is Italian and Laurent is Dutch.

We live in the Netherlands. We got married in May 2009. Needless to say, we picked Rome, my home city, as our destination wedding.

After tying the knot in a fairy-tale Church (Sant’Alessio all’ Aventino) set on one of the seven panoramic hills of Rome (Aventino hill, watch our short wedding video to get a glimpse of the church and venue atmospheric roman setting), we held our wedding reception in Trevignano-Romano.

Trevignano is a lovely lake town at 20 km from Rome. This stunning hill-top venue has breath-taking views over Bracciano Lake that turned us all on our heads!

Don’t get me wrong, the whole process didn’t go so smoothly as you might guess. While not doubting a sec that our destination wedding would be Italy, we struggled at times to sort all things out from abroad.

The thing is that when you try to arrange a 170-guest wedding from abroad, stress goes off the chart.


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The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy


Not to mention guests. Unlike common opinion, guests’ satisfaction is a concern that often affects married couples urging them to exceed their expectations.

What accommodation and travel tips can I give to my guests? what can I do to entertain them? all understandable questions that typically arise when you are busy organizing your BIG DAY. Especially if you’re busy with planning your wedding from abroad.

Here is where this website comes into play!

MakeloveinItaly is a destination wedding guide in-progress designed with the purpose to inform couples wishing to marry in Italy on every aspect of a destination wedding in this unrivalled country.

The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy


MakeloveinItaly has been designed to help couples wishing to marry in Italy, or renew their vows, make the right choice when it comes to picking a region in Italy, or a wedding venue that fits their budget and highest expectations.

The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy


This guide is a source of inspiration to help couples plan their ideal Honeymoon Destination in Italy.

Wedding Planning Guide

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Can’t wait to tie the knot in Italy, but are concerned about the cost and don’t know exactly where to start with the organization of your BIG DAY?

Don’t miss to read this Planning Guide for a Budget-Friendly Wedding in Italy!

The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy


Get inspired by MakeLoveInItaly’s guide, to choose from a large variety of tours and leisure activities to do in seclusion, or together with your wedding guests as the BIG DAY approaches.

And now you’ll be possibly wondering why Italy.


After traveling for a long time across the world during our young carefree age, we’ve found out that Italy besides being the most beautiful country in the world, offers the largest variety of highlights and sites suited for all ages and tastes.

In short, Italy is the ideal destination for all couples wishing to leave a dream wedding experience, without spending a fortune!

Get inspired by the countless off-the-beaten information on today’s less tourist Italian regions and provinces, but no inferior to any others.

Add the outstanding coastline area of Cilento to your wedding list of destinations. Cilento is certainly less exclusive and pricey than its neighboring Amalfi coast while being absolutely equal in value.

Consider marrying on the coastal strip of Maremma valley, or in its inner land, rather than in the more exclusive and pricey Chianti valley or in the tourist crowded city of Florence.

Why not picking medieval hill-top villages in Marche or Umbria regions, rather than choosing a castle or lavish villa in Siena, ranking among the most tourist provinces?

Sardinia is scattered with countless impressive off-the-beaten tourist tracks (Nuoro, Ogliastra, Oristano, Carbonia-Iglesias…) and more affordable coastal strips where you could consider honeymoon.

They are certainly a valid alternative setting to the more exclusive seaside resort of Costa Smeralda.

Not to mention the endless and varied opportunities to plunging into the authentic regional cultures of Italy thanks to the numerous local organizations providing cooking classes, wine, and food tasting tours, art city tours, nature and adventure activities and many more.

This and much more on MakeloveinItaly.


Last off, besides these Ultimate Guide for getting married in Italy, we are here and delighted to provide our professional advice and assistance in planning your wedding in Italy; being us a couple who  struggled at times to get all things in Italy sorted from abroad for the wedding that we exactly wanted, we can fully relate with your stress and concerns.

The reason why, if you have a request or a concern, all you have to do is filling out this contact form and expect a reply by us within the next 48 hours.

Best wishes for your dream destination wedding in Italy!

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