The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy

Giulia & Laurent wedding The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy

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Whether Italy is your designated Destination Wedding or the country where you have set your heart for your Dream Honeymoon, Giulia and Laurent have you covered to plan the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Giulia is Italian and Laurent is Dutch and both live in the Netherlands. Both struggled a little to get their wedding in Italy designed from abroad according to their best wishes. Hence, they can fully relate to any couple challenging the same.

Because of so many wedding vendors competing out there, couples might get overwhelmed and stuck sometimes when it comes to identify the best professional to hire for the organization of their wedding.






Giulia and Laurent have partnered with accountable groups of expert wedding suppliers, primarily wedding planners and travel agencies operating in Italy. They have accurately selected all of these vendors to suit all different needs and requests a couple may come up with along its wedding planning.

To request our assistance, simply complete the form below, and try to be as detailed as possible about your wedding vision. The more detailed you are, the easier will be for us to get you in contact with the right vendors.

Before kicking off our search, we might get back to your via email / phone, to ask you for more specifics about your request so that we can get off on the right foot.

If you happen not to be 100% satisfied with the vendors we have put you in contact with, we will take immediate action to provide you with other vendor contacts that better suit your wedding standards and needs.

Be sure you can count on our full support from start to finish along the entire wedding planning process.

BEST OF ALL, YOU’RE GOING TO GET THIS SERVICE AT NO EXTRA COST ON OUR END. Unlike, expect to save a lot of time and stress when it comes to selecting your best wedding planning service out of hundreds wedding services sellers out there.

Only one simple step is missing: click the button below to submit your contact form, by making sure to specify in the last field your preferential service between the two herein indicated. Expect a reply by us within the next 24 hours!





Openly speaking, we shouldn’t be considered as ”traditional wedding planners” as we couldn’t take over every logistical detail of your event, being both settled in the Netherlands.
On the other hand, we can likewise provide remotely most of the planning services at the same quality standards as if they were provided by a skilled Italy-based wedding planner, with the only difference that by hiring our services, you’d turn out to save pretty much on your wedding planning cost.
We will support you throughout every phase of your wedding planning so you better can:
1- make the most of your time for your every day life commitments

2- free up your mind by any possible distress and worries caused by dealing with Italian vendors (don’t underestimate the most common cultural and language gaps that might occur with Italian vendors).


You are free to pick only a few or all of the services outlined below, depending on your primary needs:

  • Research of a venue that meets your needs and aspirations


  • Research of vendors based on your wedding vision, budget and standards


  • A final budget proposal


  • Liaising with all vendors remotely for as long as needed by also scheduling some group calls when needed


  • Managing your contract terms by liaising directly with your vendors and reporting to you (if necessary, some group calls can be arranged)


  • Keeping track of all of your expenses to make sure that they don’t exceed your budget


  • Looking for a suitable local wedding planner within our network of contacts to get your catholic / civil ceremony related paperwork handled, as well as for every other additional service when needed


  • Arrangement of your travel itinerary, appointments and onsite meetings with your candidate vendors during your site inspection in Italy. (I always recommend every couple to travel to their destination wedding and meet their vendors in person. They should best ask them directly every necessary question about their services).


  • A list of relevant questions to ask every vendor on your one-to-one meetings in Italy is essential and prior to this I can narrow down a list of essential questions to get you in the right direction.


  • Extra services can be added to this list in agreement with your needs and desires.
Our business model is no doubt the most cost-effective one. If you hired a local wedding planner to get your cover for every single planning service, expect to pay 1500 – 3500 euros onwards. Tariffs can vary depending on how many planners play a role in the team, and often married couples to be are not well informed on this aspect. In other words, the more people play an active role in your wedding organization, the higher the cost.
By hiring our services for covering most or all of your wedding planning, expect to pay a moderate fee + (and only if it’s needed), an extra fee to a local planner selected by us for local wedding services. In both cases, the final cost would be certainly lower than if you recruit a planner to get the entire event planned from start to finish.
Moreover If you don’t need a full-time local back up, you can better allocate that budget on services that are more relevant to you, such as, for instance, on musicians, a well-skilled full-time photographer, or a videographer.
Only one simple step is missing: click the button below to submit your contact form, by making sure to specify in the last field your preferential service between the two herein indicated. Expect a reply by us within the next 24 hours!

The Ultimate Wedding Guide for getting married in Italy


This guide is a source of inspiration to help couples plan their ideal Honeymoon Destination in Italy.

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