Our Ultimate Guide to the Best Wedding Make up Artists and Hairstylists

Our  Ultimate  Guide to  The  Best  Wedding  Make-Up  Artists and   Hairstylists for your  Wedding in Italy

Book your appointment with @hairmakeup_matrimoni – for a Killer Bride Look!

Make-up trial - Our Ultimate Guide to searching the Best Wedding Make up Artist and Hairstylist in Italy

A Beauty Professional is essential to a bride. Read Our  Ultimate  Guide to the Best  Wedding  Make-Up  Artists and  Hairstylists for  Your  Wedding in  Italy. We recommend to all brides-to-be who are busy with planning their wedding, to add a pro wedding makeup and hairstylist to their contact list of wedding suppliers, even in the event of a small budget.



Even if your skills in applying make-up or hairstyles are over the TOP,  consider two crucial aspects when it comes to hiring a beauty professional:


STRESS:  think of how overwhelmed you would be on your wedding day, awaiting your ceremony. Would you be focused enough to apply your eyeliner flawlessly or would you be able to dress your hair smoothly?


FIRST-CLASS EQUIPMENT: consider that beauty professionals use expensive and high-performance cosmetic products and hairdressing accessories to ensure top-quality results to their clients. Most amateurs don’t own such sophisticated stuff.

It’s essential you entrust to a beauty professional to get your makeup and hair look done against any forms of expected ‘’pleasant inconvenient’’, such as tears of joy, hugs, and kisses, sweat caused by hot weather (if you plan your wedding in summer, or if you pan to dance, etc…)

A wedding is a unique experience. Besides remaining engraved forever in your heart, the image of yourself on your big day will get imprinted on a photogram as well. So, indulge yourself in the luxury of getting admired and ‘’envied’’ by your guests on your special event, and entrust to a pro beauty professional to make it a reality.

Makeup and hairstyling have a significant emotional impact on yourself and the guests who will be by your side to share your same exciting feelings. In other words, these are unique moments where ties with your most intimate friends and relatives become stronger. Expect also that at least some of them will want to share the same magical sensation of getting their makeup and hair done by a beauty specialist.

Our  Ultimate  Guide to the  Best  Wedding  Make  Up  Artist and  Hairstylist in  Italy

How to determine if a beauty professional is really worth your money?
Haircut of Cristina Monnalisa - Our Ultimate Guide to searching the Best Wedding Make up Artist and Hairstylist in Italy

Hairstyle of Cristina Monnalisa Ungureanu, @hairmakeup_matrimoni.

From an Out-of-The-Box working approach. An excellent beauty professional is able to suddenly detect the best make-up colours, applying the right shades, and using the right beauty tools to enhance the overall beauty of a bride’s face. A pro beauty professional will be making the wedding photographer’s work a lot easier in view of a successful photoshoot.


On Innate Talent. Don’t count too much on the years of experience declared by your candidate beauty professional. There are quite a lot of gifted beauty professionals out there with an innate artistic talent. We recommend to check out your candidate’s portfolio accurately before taking any steps forwards, in case you cannot rely on direct referrals.


For instance, check if your candidate has a website or a Facebook page showcasing a substantial portfolio of cases, outlining her skills and working style. Check if he/she has one or more channels on Youtube with some tutorials uploaded, or a Pinterest profile showcasing his/her creations. Last, but not least, look for reviews of other brides about your candidate.

Who is Cristina?

Profile Photo of Cristina Monnalisa - Book your appointment with @hairmakeup_matrimoni – for a Killer Bride Look!

And now that you have read through Our Ultimate Guide to the Best Wedding Make up Artists and Hairstylists for your wedding in Italy, it’s time to pick one!

We warmly recommend Cristina Monnalisa Ungureanu. Cristina is a brilliant Makeup artist and Hair Stylist based in Rome, but covering the entire region. She has been in the wedding makeup and hairstyling business for 4 years, but before dealing with make-up and hair-dressing, she had been already succeeding in beauty care for 5 years.

Throughout her career as a wedding makeup artist and hairstylist, she’s graced many brides to be with her unrivaled artistic touch, backed by her extensive experience in the beauty care industry.

Besides her assignments as a beauty specialist on wedding events, Cristina boasts a successful career as a make-up artist and hairstylist in the Italian audio-visual industry.

Makeup set of Cristina - Our Ultimate Guide to searching the Best Wedding Make up Artist and Hairstylist in Italy

Cristina’s make-up, @hairmakeup_matrimoni 

Some of her creations have impressed us so much that we have set up a short interview for her:


  1. Cristina, when have you become passionate about beauty care?

‘I’ve always been attracted to the wedding make-up artist profession, so after I started my education in hairstyling, I decided to include make-up as an additional subject. I obtained my degree at an Academy in Rome. Over time I’ve managed to make my passion a real job.


  1. On top of your business Facebook page, where else can a couple check out your works?

‘They can check my works on my Instagram profile @hairmakeup_matrimoni‘.


  1. If necessary, would you commute to other Italian regions?

‘Yes of course, to any Italian regions’.


  1. Are you open to price-negotiation, by re-adapting your services to the needs of brides with a tighter budget?

‘Yes, I am. We can find a solution for fitting both the parties’.


Thank you for your time, Cristina, we wish you a successful pursuit of your present and future projects.


Looking forward to chatting with Cristina?


You can reach out to Cristina via her:


Facebook page: Monnalisa’s Hair&Makeup

Instagram account: @hairmakeup_matrimoni

Bride having Cristina's make-up done - Our Ultimate Guide to searching the Best Wedding Make up Artist and Hairstylist in Italy

Bride’s makeup applied by Cristina, @hairmakeup_matrimoni

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