Unique Wedding Favour Ideas for a Unique Wedding in Italy

Unique Wedding Favour Ideas for a Unique Wedding in Italy

Choose Sapori’s Nostrani Wedding Favor 

Get a glimpse at these unique wedding favour ideas for a unique wedding in Italy.

Besides searching the venue of your dreams, trying on your short-listed bride dresses, and chosen your wedding invitations design, don’t forget to add a wedding favor to your bucket list.

Wedding favor Unique Wedding favor ideas for a unique wedding in italy

Unique Wedding Favour Ideas for a Unique Wedding in Italy

Some historical highlights

The most traditional wedding favour in Italy is represented by an elegant little box containing 5 sugared-almonds. Alternatively, the almonds get wrapped up in a veiled cloth or in thick paper as to form a delightful pouch finely tied up.

Almond wedding favors

The idea set behind this wedding favour tradition originated many centuries ago in Italy and France and reached its highest expression in the Thirteen Century.

Wedding favour universal tradition has survived up to now, although today it’s not any longer strictly related to sugared-almonds boxes or pouches, but can cover a diverse range of themes getting inspiration from some special features that can be tied to the couples’ destination wedding or anything important to the couples.

A personalized label showcasing the bride and groom’s name, as well as the wedding date is usually tied to the box / pouch or put inside them.

Whether it is a ‘Murano’ blown glass, a small bottle of limoncello, liquor or olive oil, a silver decorated tea spoon, or a picture frame of you two, your wedding church or venue, elegance and decor stand out in every Italian style favour idea.

Italy’s diverse range of delicacies and flavours, priceless artistic and historic treasures, on top of its countless landscaped wonders, offer plenty of unique ideas when it comes to picking a themed wedding favour.

Here you can get inspired by some unique wedding favor ideas for your big day, deeply grounded in one of the most ancient Piedmont regional traditions: rise farming.

Sapori Nostrani is a family-owned business operating in Dusino San Michele, a small village in Piedmont region (north-west of Italy). This family of businesses specializes in rise farming and other local food production. Bomboniere di Riso (Rise Wedding Favor) is one of their most successful creations, icon of this region’s centenary rise farming food tradition, especially in the hilly area of Monferrato. Typical from this region are the large variety of exquisite risotto dishes.

Their most typical wedding favour consists of finely decorated and differently shaped bottles containing rise, and not ”yeast”, grown in Sapori Nostrani’s own rice fields. Thanks to their variety of rice, ideal for delicious ”risotto” dishes, your wedding guests will be able to prepare sensational dishes at home.

A risotto dish

Unique Wedding favour ideas for a Unique Wedding in Italy

Choose Sapori Nostrani’s Wedding Favour

Personalized wedding label for wedding favor Unique Wedding Favor Ideas for a Unique Wedding in Italy
  • Their locally farmed rice is healthy and organic, namely grown with natural ingredients only, without additives or dyes, neither addition of salt.


  • Thanks to a large variety of rice production, your guests will be delighted to prepare delicious and various kinds of risotto dishes, by simply following a few simple cooking steps.


  • Bomboniere di Riso is a certified product, making use of natural ingredients, without additives or dyes, without MSG (Glutamate), or addition of salt. All of the legal details are showcased on the back of the label. You can get your front label personalized as you wish by Sapori Nostrani  according to your tastes and needs, or use the company’s standard label dimensions.


  • If you have chosen to getting married against the impressive hilly background of Piedmont region, a finely decorated bottle of local rise is the best indicated gift for your guests, icon of one of the longest rooted and notable food tradition in this region.


  • Throwing rice at newly married couples at the end of the ceremony is an international and very ancient tradition finding its roots in a number of mythological tales that associate rice to prosperity, health, wealth and longevity. So beyond the reasons mentioned above making rise one of the best and unique wedding favour ideas, rise wedding favour stands for good omen.


Ready to order one of their rise gourmet bottles?
Select your favourite flavour and ask for a quotation



Throwing rise at a just-married couple

Discover the sensational recipes of Sapori Nostrani

Unique Wedding favour Ideas for a Unique Wedding in Italy

Collection of bottles of rise as wedding favors unique wedding favor ideas, to make your wedding in Italy unforgettable!

Below you can find a list of Sapori Nostrani most famous rise flavors and colours:













Radish + speck


Cooking procedure


Sapori Nostrani’s risotti are very simple and fast to cook. The maximal cooking time is 18 minutes.

They cannot guarantee any gluten-free rise.

The rise amount contained in the wine-shaped bottle suits 3-4 people.

The rise contained in the milk-shaped bottle suites 4-5 people.

Getting a 2-liter broth (water combined with a bouillon) boiled and keep it warm as long as possible.

Besides, get a small piece of butter melted in a pan, alternatively put a three-spoon quantity of extra-virgin olive oil.

Then put the whole rise amount in the pan to get it toasted for 2-3 minutes by mixing it. It’s recommended to add a glass of white wine to flavour it.

Add the boiled water to the pan content and keep mixing it every now and then to avoid that the grains get stocked into the pan bottom.

After approximately 18 minutes, the rise should be ready. Add another small piece of butter and some parmesan on top.

Serve your guests and BUON APPETITO!

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View of Monferrato hills from a Asti’s promenade view spot

Ready to order one of their rise gourmet bottles?
Select your favourite flavour and ask for a quotation




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