Where getting married in Piedmont

Thinking of tying the knot in the region of orchards and lavender fields? this post will help you choose where getting married in Piedmont.


 If you have heard talking about Piedmont, you are most likely to connect this region to a centenary wine making tradition. And yet, despite being this land world-famous for its extensive vineyards landscape and a variety of coloured grapes giving origin to excellent vintage wines, countless are the top romantic wedding backdrops offered by this region.

Where if not one of hundreds Piedmont’s wine cellars would be a better fit for your SPECIAL DAY?


Piedmont is a unique northern region whose highest charm derives from a perfect combination of art, culture and gastronomy. Besides, Piedmont features a widely multifaceted landscape, predominantly mountainous to the north and south, and covered by Po’ plain to the east.


Not to mention its collection of picturesque lakeside towns such as Orta San Giulio, a picturesque Borgo set on the shores of Orta Lake.  This region also features an extensive hilly area decked with eye-catching expanses of vineyards, that make Piedmont a TOP after-sought region for true wine lovers.


Alba is one of the most attractive towns to visit. Famous for its flavoured variety of wine (Barolo, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo in first hand), but also for genuine-taste local products such as white truffle and its local tasty cheese. Not to mention Alba’s fascinating urban landscape featured by hundreds of fortified villages, medieval castles and hilltop towns.


Not second to ”Le Langhe”, Monferrato with its centenary wine-making tradition, breath-taking landscape views, home to medieval castles, fortified towns, farmhouses, villas’ and wine cellars spread across the whole area, is the ideal setting for hikers who can enjoy a variety of nature trails.


Below you will get only a few best recommendations about where getting married in Piedmont.


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