Here are eight exciting tour ideas for your dream honeymoon in Amalfi coast, if you are planning to kick off your new love adventure somewhere in Italy.

The Amalfi coast is that stretch of heavenly coastline extending from the south of Sorrento Peninsula up to Salerno.

This long rugged coastline is holds some of the most scenic beaches of the region.

Typical to this coastal area are the towering cliffs perched high above the sea and the cascades of brightly coloured houses and shops where beaches are nestled in between.

The whole of these landscape features make Amalfi coast one of the most atmospheric and inviable tourist sites in Italy.

Amalfi coast’s most interesting and suggestive towns doubtless are Amalfi, Atrani, Positano, Praiano and Ravello.

The best months to honeymoon in Amalfi coast are May and September for three main reasons:

The temperatures have not yet reached the highest heat peaks, despite the water can be still a bit too fresh.

Booking rates are fairly cheaper than in July and August.

Beaches are not yet congested with tourist crowds.

What makes this coastal area a unique nature and architecture masterpiece are its unimaginably awesome sceneries rather than its beaches attractiveness.

If you are more attracted to pristine and roomy sandy beaches, lining a crystal-clear water, you should better honeymoon in Sardinia. Read my post Planning your dream honeymoon in Sardinia to get inspired by our tips for a crazy honeymoon.

Amalfi coast is known for being a rather expensive tourist destination. You should be aware that if you travel on a budget, you’re more likely to come across exclusive resorts and atop villas’ than budget-friendly accommodation facilities.

A cheap option is Hostel Brikette, located on the main coastal road of Positano, despite it’s quite a climb down to the beach.

With all that said, all you have to do is clicking below your favourite tour for your dream Honeymoon in Amalfi coast.

Last off, although Amalfi coast is a rather developed tourist destination, having a team of experts designing from scratch your dream honeymoon  and backing you to resolve any inconvenient you may come across on your trip is certainly beneficial in terms of time and money saving.


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